Monday, September 19, 2011

Weekend Report: Disputed Territories

Friday night I re-learned an old but important lesson: avoid large-party check-splitting situations at all costs. There will always be that one person who thinks the table needs a pitcher of margaritas at the end of the meal, then no one drinks it and you all have to pay even more…Yup, you’d think I would know this by now. At least the enchiladas were good! (Alero on U st.)

Saturday mornings I’ve gotten into the habit of doing a “long run” in the pool. 6x6 and I met at 9am for our workout and chatted and gossiped and tried to amuse ourselves for 120 minutes of back-and-forth while avoiding the splashes of our “water walking and leisure swim” lane companions.

Post-pool I made an amazing omelet/toast situation! Let me tell you about it: I had a big slice of bread from Firehook bakery, so it was nicely oval-shaped (aka omelet-shaped). I made a one-egg omelet filled with fresh tomato slices, purple basil, and goat cheese. And then flipped it onto my toast. YUM! That kicked off a well-deserved afternoon of reading and eating.

Saturday night I dressed up as South Kivu, eastern Congo for an awesome only-in-DC-does-this-happen theme party. The theme was Strasburg, in honor of the phenom Nats pitcher Steven Strasburg. BUT this theme was a double entendre. Strasbourg is also the capital of Alsace-Lorraine, a disputed territory between Germany and France.

“This epic theme party encourages thematic costumery or accessorizing in solidarity with your chosen historical or current disputed territory.”

Being the super-international-affairs-nerds that so many of my friends are, we were totally psyched! 6x6 and I dressed up in my Niger regalia and went as North and South Kivu in eastern Congo. (Ok, so it’s not officially “disputed,” but it’s being fought over by proxy armies and warlords…so that’s close enough for me.) And the picture is not from Saturday, it's from study abroad...but you get the idea.

LLC went as some islands that are disputed between China and Japan, and her roommate came as Alexandria, VA. Did you know that Alexandria used to be part of DC until Virginia took it back?

You are probably rolling your eyes by now…but I swear it was fun! (OR, if you think this is an awesome party idea/want to learn more about disputed territories, go here.) This was made even better by the "Disputed Territory" headline on the front page of the Washington Post Sunday morning...

Anywho, Sunday was another relaxing day. I went for a bit of a run and later to yoga. The rest of the day was filled in with reading in various locations – Dupont Circle, my living room, the Drum Circle. I’m reading a silly kinda trashy novel, but I can’t put it down!

Hope you had a good weekend too! (And ps -  HEY-O it's feeling like fall here in DC and I'm totally psyched!!!)