Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Weekend Report: Memorial Day Stay-cation

I had quite the all-American Happy Memorial Day, stay-cation. I ate too much, spent too much money, lazed around like a bum in the sun (but also walked a gajillion miles, obviously) and indulged to the max of my summer-anticipating abilities.

LLC and I decided that it was going to be one of those long weekends. Why set ourselves up for failure and expect good behavior? Nope! We punched our indulgence tickets and boarded the express train to summer. (Adult points: currently reading in the negative...)

The weekend started with appetizers at Mai Thai followed by Bridesmaids, the movie everyone is talking about. It was definitely funny, but also kind of sad…did anyone else feel a wee bit bummed afterwards? Though Melissa McCarthy (who played Suki in Gilmore Girls) is absolutely hilarious. 
Saturday I started with a beat-the-heat morning run (success!), and followed it up with a trip to Eastern Market. Nothing says ‘summer in DC’ like sweat dripping down your back and a fresh peach slice sample in your mouth. Carla from Top Chef was signing books and doing a demonstration – I was psyched but too hot to wait, so I texted Sister1 a pic and moved along.

Our next move was lunch (me, LLC, LOTR-Emily, and Emily’s visiting friend). We continued along the Top Chef theme and went to Good Stuff Eatery for milkshakes and French fries. The fries there were pretty disappointing – they  were oddly small and not crispy - more like fry hash browns than normal French fries. But the shakes were beyond. LLC and I split the D-Lechable Leche shake, which had caramel sauce, a scoop of homemade whipped cream, and coffee grounds on top. Umm hello sugar coma! (The shakes are huge so splitting them is a must.)

We then attempted to atone (a little) for our indulgences by walking from Eastern Market to Union Station and then to Chinatown. I picked up a couple pairs of summery shoes at Shoe Woo (in Union Station) and some warm weather work clothes at Anne Taylor Loft.

On Sunday at 11 am the four of us reconvened for brunch at Ulah on U street. Total win. The Crab and Brie Omelet was absolutely stuffed with fresh crab, and the Challah French Toast with Honey Mascarpone and Raspberry Coulis tasted as good as it sounds.  

Then it was pool time. We spent an indolent* afternoon at the public pool in Foggy Bottom.  I’ve decided (after paying the $7 non-resident entrance fee) that it’s time for me to go to the DMV, hand over my 17-year-old CA self, and get a DC license. Because the pool was pretty awesome! It’s Olympic-sized, but divided into three sections, so the kids were splashing way far away at the shallow end while we (plus a lot of men in speedos…odd…but not surprising?) enjoyed the deep end. 
Four hours, 100 Crime and Punishments pages, and a bit of a sunburn later, it was time to go. I met up with Jessica and a couple other track friends for dinner in Rosslyn at Café Asia. Sushi is so refreshing on a blistering hot day.

And then bonus weekend time! Monday morning 6x6 and I tried to beat the heat by running at 7:30 am (but failed…sometimes the heat is just too hot to beat…). A long shower and some quality Brita time later, we went shopping in Georgetown.

Sidenote: I don’t usually shop this much, but I need a new work wardrobe for my new job.
After doing some damage on M street, we stopped for sweet potato fry sustenance at BGR in Dupont (far better than Good Stuff – sorry Spike!), then trekked our way up to Columbia Heights. The soaring temps and morning’s drenching run experience had inspired us to invest in it’s-hotter-than-hell running clothes at Marshall's and Target.

Do I normally eat fries for lunch twice in one weekend? No...but we were on stay-cation!

Then back home to relax, recuperate, and consume LLC’s Banana Cupcakes with Avocado Frosting. Yes – look forward to that recipe soon!

*Indolent - adj. slothful