Friday, January 20, 2012

Best of the Week #44

It’s 9:23. I’ve been up for 4 hours and 8 minutes, gone to Virginia, run 7 miles, come home, walked to work, got a breakfast muffin, and checked my email. 
No bad for a Friday, huh? 

It was my first track workout in a while – a 3 mile and 1 mile tempo! It was dark and cold, aka the usual good time. Though it’s still only January, I have a feeling that the Cherry Blossom 10 Miler is going to sneak up on me…

Anywho, much like my morning tempo, this week started slow and finished fast! And now to kick off your (and my) weekend: Best of the Week!

And speaking of cherry blossoms, my most popular post this week was Cake of the Week: Cherry Cupcakes with Cherry Frosting.

Pictures of South Pole expedition go online -- from 1911! (watch the slideshow)

Headline of the Week is brought to you by Opio Juris:
It’s Not The Onion, It’s Fox Nation. (Not That There’s Much of a Difference.)
Sovereignty’s a bitch, isn’t it?

Is it just me, or are people following Stephen Colbert’s campaign closer than the actual campaign?
Why is Stephen Colbert's former super PAC attacking him?
"Yes, we know that sounds contradictory, but that’s what appears to be going on. The “Definitely Not Coordinating with Stephen Colbert Super PAC,” now headed by Mr. Colbert’s friend and business partner Jon Stewart, has just released an ad that appears to bite the hand of the person who formally fed it."

Sorry guys, apparently I’m feeling abnormally political this week. Please don’t hold it against me. This article on “Libertarian Illusions.”
"Compassion, justice, civic responsibility, honesty, decency, humility, respect, and even survival of the poor, weak, and vulnerable -- all are to take a back seat."

To lighten things up: 1.1 lb baby polar bear. I want  one. (Watch the video!)

I am also newly obsessed with Thought Catalog.
1. "Lines For The Fortune Cookies, 2012" (read them all)
  • It’s time to retire that sweater you wear. You know the one.
  • Be kind to the other girls. Even the mean ones. They are very scared.
  • You will frequently wind up kissing boys sitting next to the boys you should be kissing.
2. Usually I’m opposed to run-on sentences, but this is just impressive: “One Sentence Love Story.”

3. Ok, last one – this is super sweet: “Meet Me Offline.”

Unless you’ve been living in a nuclear fallout shelter, you’ve probably seen "S#*& Girls Say” and any number of its spin-offs. On Rock Center, Brian Williams meets The man behind "S#*& Girls Say.”

This is real and that is why it’s crazy: "The goats with spider genes and silk in their milk."
The transplanted gene means the goat produce milk containing an extra protein, which is extracted and spun into spider silk thread.

Sometimes people try to make me feel guilty for reading fiction almost exclusively. To them I say 1) I don’t care, and 2) “The Business Case for Reading Novels.”
Theory of mind, the ability to interpret and respond to those different from us — colleagues, employees, bosses, customers and clients — is plainly critical to success, particularly in a globalized economy. The imperative to try to understand others' points of view — to be empathetic — is essential in any collaborative enterprise.

"Even Better Than the Real Thing: The 10 best fake Twitter feeds on global politics." (see all)
A spot-on parody of Chinese state propaganda.
Sample tweet: "We admit we're no experts at democracy, but we swear we did not program Comrade Huntsman to believe that 3rd place equals winning."

More about China: It's not a land in which the foreigner suffers. It is not a hostile land or a wild land. It is, rather, a land of pointless minor absurdities and wholly unnecessary inconveniences, which coalesce to infuriate the ill-tempered and delight the rest. (source)

This list is surprisingly useful. I bookmarked it. "Foreign Country Land Mass Compared to United States"
  • Fiji is slightly smaller than New Jersey.
  • The Gaza strip is slightly more than twice the size of Washington, DC.
  • New Zealand is about the size of Colorado.
And at some point this weekend I am going to attempt a Checkerboard Cake! Wish me luck!