Friday, June 14, 2013

Best of the Week #107

Well, folks, it’s been a busy week around here.  I’m headed to Colorado at the end of the month for some hiking, biking, rest and relaxation, and a wedding, and trying to finish up all the things before I leave has been a bit harder than I had anticipated.  But, it's Friday, and now it’s time for your Best of the Week! 

As you all know, Mollie is quite the runner.  I’m at the start of my return to running, so rather than bore you with the details of what it’s like to run after taking some time off (so much pain!), we’re going to talk sports.

First, RAFA WON THE FRENCH OPEN!!  His semifinal match against Djokovic was epic.  The final against Ferrer?  Not so epic. 

It's actually not made of gold, but who cares!  RAFA!

Ever the fashionista, he wore shorts to match the clay.

Equally awesome, on Friday the US Men’s National Team, beat Jamaica 2-1 on a stoppage time winner, and on Tuesday they beat Panama 2-0.  That’s two solid wins (and 6 points) IN THE SAME WEEK!  No one’s arguing that Jamaica or Panama are renowned for their prowess on the pitch, but USMNT now sits atop the group for World Cup qualifying.  USA!  USA! 

Jozy slots home the first goal.  USA!  USA!

Also, somewhat related to sports, but mostly related to my childhood (and, I hope, the childhoods of many readers), Squints Palledorous and the Great Hambino hang out in real life!  YES!

This movie may or may not have defined my childhood.

Moving away from sports, but still only kind of, did you know that cheetahs are amazing predators not because of their flat out speed, but because of their agility?  I didn’t.  So if you did, you’re smarter than me (which, if I’m honest, probably isn’t saying all that much)!

“We saw remarkably high accelerations, four times higher ... than we see for Usain Bolt when he ran his world record,” says Wilson.

The animals were similarly quick in slowing down and turning sharp corners, Wilson says. “They can accelerate, they can maneuver. They can duck and dive. And that's what they need to do to capture their prey.”

Bicycles!  Bicycles!  And more bicycles!  We need to make DC a more bike friendly city.  One way to do it is for more people to ride their bikes.  If Tyler Clippard, set-up man extraordinaire for our very own Washington Nationals, can do it, you can do it too! 

Go Nats!

While we’re on the subject of cycling around the city (not that I actually directed us here, or anything), an underground robotic bike valet would make parking bikes SO MUCH EASIER!  And might encourage more folks knock the dust of their bikes and explore the city.  I say go for it, DC!    

And, biking is a great way to check out some of DC’s hidden (to locals) gems. 

This actually is a really great place to walk, bike, and/or picnic.

Some readers may remember that I rather strongly believe that it ought to be socially acceptable to wear superhero costumes in public.  And in the spirit of Father’s Day (it’s Sunday; don’t forget!), this is, without question, your BEST OF THE WEEK.

Happy weekend, folks!