Monday, August 26, 2013

Weekend Report: Running from Somerville

As my last post implied, my first couple weeks of grad school have been a bit rough. But what is the best way to deal with problems, from academically-induced stress to homesickness to group project frustration to it's-too-hot-to-sleep tiredness to eww-I-have-to-make-new-friends anxiety? Running well duh!

So on Tuesday night I decided to run a route I knew would remind me that a) I live in Boston, and b) I like Boston. My old routes (from college) are all Allston/BU-based and quite the hike from where I live now, but there is some middle ground along the Charles River.

This is not my bike, but it's the best picture I could find of the view I was going for.
Running "River" makes me feel like cross country (yes, that is an emotion) and reminds me of some of my best (and worst) college running experiences. Ugh I can distinctly remember barely hanging on as my teammates picked up the pace and picked up the pace and picked up the pace in an impromptu race along the bike path that no one acknowledged but everyone knew was happening but no one was going to be the girl to say let's slow down. Clearly freshman Mollie was dying and falling off the back. Silently. But I also associate River with the most beautiful fall and spring days and feeling fast and awesome as we sped past all the casual joggers.

The stretch between Harvard Square and the BU bridge is definitely not the most scenic stretch of the bike path, but it offers views of rowers and water (well duh) and you run through some very green riverside parks along the way, so it's not too bad!

Just getting to the river took me 20 minutes (2.6 miles), and considering my current state of fitness, anything longer than 40 minutes is pretty looooong.  So I only spent a third of my run on the river. But it was nice, and once I get into higher mileage I will get further. Plus there is a HILL in the first mile (on Lowell Street) that is no joke. I recommend it for all you Boston/Cambridge/Somerville runners out there!

Here's a link to the out-and-back route, from Davis Square to Harvard Square to the BU Bridge and back.

Oh and I recognize this is a Weekend Report about my run on Tuesday...but just go with it. All I did this weekend was work on a group project and go for meandering runs, so my Tuesday run struck me as the most interesting to share with you all.