Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Happy New Year!/Goodbye California I will miss you!

I can't believe it's over. Winter break I mean. And actually, 2013 too!

A lot happened this year -- I ran my first marathon (remember the marathon!?!?), quit my job, traveled for two months in Nepal and Southeast Asia, moved to Boston, and started grad school! Overall I'd say it's been a pretty solid year of many many things. What's up for 2014? Who knows, I'm psyched, let's find out!

So now I'm about to leave warm and sunny California behind and head back to Boston for a pre-session course that starts the 2nd. Ugh I know, I did this to me.

It's so unseasonably warm here, my tree is incredibly confused.
But to prepare for my future of all-school-all-the-time, I spent my last two days of vacation doing lovely California things. On Sunday I met up with a couple Fletcher friends to tour vineyards around Sonoma. And on Monday, for my final warm-weather run this winter, my dad and I went to the lakes at Mt. Tam for a 10-miler around Bon Tempe and Lagunitas.

And I finished it all off with some quality time with my favorite little man who is absolutely hilarious, spends all his (waking) time frantically running around and wiggling like a crazy person, loves dancing to dirty dirty rap music, and will probably soon be really talking!

Like I said, it has been quite the year. HAPPY NEW YEAR TO YOU!!!