Monday, March 3, 2014

Weekend Report: Delta Rae, Long Running, and Arepas!

"Your weekends always sound like entire weeks to me." -- Sister2

My very observant sister is right. But between the things I need to do (schoolwork, life-work), want to do (friends! parties! activities!), and love to do (running! skiing!) I just don't see how my weekends could be any other way.

Friday night, after two solid weeks of having some sort of activities every night, I stayed in and it was pure introvert gloriousness: some cooking, some homework, some reading, some writing, and a lot of sleeping.

Saturday day was heavy on the schoolwork because grrraaahhh midterms! But my friend KatieHat came over and we made Econometrics fun (well now that's a stretch but work with me here) by turning it into a homework brunch. I made these peanut butter and jam muffins yummm, and we had eggs and hashbrowns and all the coffee to go with them. And then we learned everything. Or some things. Or maybe a few things. Perhaps (though hopefully not) nothing at all...

Saturday night I was SUPER excited to see Delta Rae at Royale in the Theater District. I first heard about this band a couple weeks from my friends in DC, who said they were amazing in concert. So then last week I finally looked up their songs, was immediately obsessed, checked tour dates, realized they would be in Boston on Saturday, and decided that I HAD to go.

It was an excellent choice. They were the most energetic performers and powerful singers I think I have ever see. Their songs have been in my head for three days now and I am not even a little upset.

Alright so what's next? Well I did my first 20-miler on Sunday morning and it felt awesome!!! The weather was nice (i.e. above freezing and nothing coming out of the sky) and I met up with my running friend for a lovely progression run out to Lexington and back. I've had some questionable workouts recently, so it was definitely a confidence-booster to feel so good in my first really long run (our longest until yesterday was 15).

Accompanying me on this run were some sweet new shoes. Finally! I always put off buying new shoes for waaaayyy too long. (More on shoes in this post.) So far so good with these guys -- Gel Cumulus 15.

For runners out there who care, here's my opinion (and I am definitely not a shoe reviewer): They're neutral (but I wear orthodics), a nice amount of cushy, and the top part is really light and breathable. Plus they're quite the snazzy color combination, no? As I'm sure you know, running shoe companies are constantly updating and discontinuing models and driving me crazy. So I tried on a lot of shoes, while the man helping me looked confused at my repeating, "well they just don't feel like my shoes, you know?" These were the closest I could find to what feels right, so hopefully they work out! 

I was worried that after the run I would be completely comatose, but nope! I felt good enough to hop in the shower, haul out my bike, and ride over to my Venezuelan friend's arepas brunch. For those of you who don't know, let me tell you: arepas are fried cornflour flatbreads, filled with cheese, chicken, avocados, or turkey. Aka absolutely delicious!!! 

We were supposed to do a salsa dancing lesson post-brunch, but everyone was in such a cornflour coma that we kinda just lounged around instead. The perfect way to spend a post-run afternoon.

And now here I am, procrastinating more studying with blogging...hope you all had a good weekend too!