Monday, July 21, 2014

Weekend Report: Fun With Fletcher Friends

That alliteration pretty well sums up every weekend and most weeknights since I've been in DC.

While many of my classmates jetsetted off this summer to intern/work/research literally all over the world (Nigeria and Nepal, Dubai and Dominican Republic, Geneva and Guatemala, and Kosovo and Egypt and Tunisia, just to name a few locales), a critical contingent converged on DC and it is so much fun all the time all the time!

This weekend is an excellent example of this (uniquely?) Fletcher phenomenon. Friday night, after a long week of researching and writing and interviewing and editing, I started my weekend with a bit of Bikram yoga (oof, but it’s getting better!). Then a quick shower and not so quick 90 Bus ride later I met three friends at Union Market for the first drive-in movie of the summer. Forgetting Sarah Marshal was projected on the side of the huge building and people drove in and watched from their cars in the parking lot, or, like us, walked in and sat on blankets or beach chairs. There were drinks and snacks and the weather was perfect – the best way to spend a chill Friday evening outside. Next week is Life Aquatic, so I think the plan is to go back.

We didn’t stay out too late, which was great because I started Saturday with a late-morning long run on the trails of Rock Creek Park. I have a race in the not-too-distant future, so 10 miles was a necessary (and not as bad as it could have been) experience.

On Saturday afternoon 8 of us made our way down to Bluejacket Brewery (so good!) and then went to the Nats game. The weather was perfect for baseball—not sweaty! Aka magic!—and the Nats won against the Brewers with 8 runs.

The socializing really never ends and so of course by Sunday we were still going, capping off the weekend with a bluegrass concert at Hill Country. Mipso is this bluegrass band from UNC and they’re so cute and really good! They’re on tour so you should go see them (if you’re in Boston they’re at Johnny D’s this week).

Some of my friends are almost done with their internships and about to leave (Callie don’t go!!!), but one just arrived (welcome Pat!), and at least a few of us are staying in DC to the end. So if you need me until then, I will be eating Ethiopian food and fro yo and going to concerts and enjoying rooftops and barbecues until September!