Thursday, August 27, 2009

6x6 Runner: Five Weeks In- Running Symptoms

I’m starting to feel like a runner. Alright, my mileage has been low; I’ve been running two and a half to three miles for the past two weeks. I am comfortable with that distance and I feel like I definitely could step it up if I wanted to. The other morning, I slept in with the plan to run after work. I woke up at the time I would have if I had gone running and I went running anyways! YES! That has to mean something, right?
So, next week, I am ramping up my mileage. After all, in about three weeks- Mollie and I are running a race. So for my post this week, I thought I would do a
Five Weeks In - Running Symptoms
1) Pants are a tiny, tiny bit looser.
2) I’ve realized how much better I do when I don’t drink four to five cups of coffee a day, which was my normal rate beforehand.
3) If I don’t drink enough water, I ACHE! Feet, stomach, elbows, shoulders, all over!
4) If it’s cool out (cool by Washington standards so high 80’s- completely different than Syracuse, NY and Detroit, MI where I used to live), I can’t wait to run!
5) I drink less on the weekends because when I drink a lot my runs suck!

Upcoming challenges:
For Week 6 I will be running on vacation! I'm going on two vacations, one each weekend.

First I’ll be going to Colorado to my cousin’s commitment ceremony (No gay marriage in Colorado!). So I'll be running in the Mile-High City (aka Denver).
Second, I'm going home to Michigan for the weekend. I have a history of bringing tennis shoes with me on vacation and then letting them sit in my bag...I have vowed to change my ways! This time, I’m bringing tennis shoes and I’m running every day I am gone.

After next week (6 out of 6!!!) I will make my grand decision as to whether or not I’ll keep running. I've come this far, I’m pretty confident that there is no way I can stop running now!

Until next time,