Thursday, August 13, 2009

6x6 Runner: Week 3

I’m entering week three of running so I’m almost halfway done. I ran 5 miles Tuesday, 2.5 on Wednesday, 2 on Thursday morning, and 4.5 on Friday morning. The hardest part about running lately has been the heat! It has been excruciating. I’ve never felt grosser, sweatier, or smellier. I’ve never had more laundry to do in my life either. I put a sports bra, t-shirt, socks, and running shorts in the laundry every day. I’m going to need more running clothes if I keep up with this.

Speaking of needing more, I’ve noticed myself drink more water than ever before. I’m now practically dependent on keeping my Brita pitcher filled and cold at all times. In the heat, I’ve learned the safe times to run seem to be before 8:00 AM or after 8:30 AM. If the sun has been up for more than a half an hour I can’t hack it. Luckily those times fit well with my work schedule.

My most noticeable progress came on Monday – my second long run – 5 miles! The first time I did 5 (only one week ago), I needed to stop at every intersection to catch my breath. This past Monday, I made it to those same intersections and I didn’t need to stop at all.

Wednesday was my least motivated day…It was evening, I hadn’t run yet, and the comfort of my air-conditioned home was calling. Luckily (for my running plan), I’ve told all the interns in my office about how I am starting to run. Sometimes they ask me about it, so the pressure of their judgment (and my own guilt) forced me out the door!

I remain your faithful correspondent in the field,