Monday, October 22, 2012

Weekend Report: Backyard Burn 10 Mile Trail Race #2

Sunday morning was a total win, both literally (!!!) and figuratively.

It was the second Backyark Burn 10 Mile Trail Race -- the weather was clear and sunny and perfect, the course was, well, challenging (more on that later), and I WON AGAIN!!!

The occurrence if this race in my life was called into question a couple weeks ago, but luckily it all worked out. Because you know what’s absolutely mandatory? Friends at races. And you know what’s incredibly helpful and awesome? Friends who can drive a roommate’s borrowed stick shift car to get you to said races! (Going to a race, running, then driving home all alone sounds like the most un-fun thing ever, right? Plus clearly I am feet and public transit-reliant, DC-resident-style, transportation impaired.)

In contrast to last week’s race at Prince William Forest Park, the Laurel Hill Park course was less over-the-river-and-through-the-woods, and more rolling ups and downs on single-track through open fields. I thought it would be faster, and I felt like I was running faster than last week; however, due to the some switchbacks, many many hairpin turns, and section of a series of bobsled-style banked U-turns, the course was actually a couple minutes slower for everyone.

I finished in approximately 1:15:28 (official results here), and won the women’s overall and my age-group. Plus I got 14th in the men's race, pretty much exactly where I was last time. Even though my time was slower, I definitely felt like I ran harder, and today’s tired legs agree. Things got rough from miles 6.5-8.5 (me, all alone, tired, ready to be done, you know the drill), which culminated in me taking my first ever mid-race drink of water at an aid station. That was a mistake – I ended up with about a tablespoon of water in my mouth and the rest of it up my nose and on my shirt. Thank God I opted for water over Gatorade! And how do people do the running/drinking thing???

Speaking of wanting to be done, I managed to pull out a 6:30 last mile, so at least I finished strong! And I passed Mr. Blue Shirt, who I’d been following from a distance for most of the race (oh yeah, part of the mid-race Mollie-brain entails making up names for everyone around me. And having this song on repeat in my head. Sorry I'm not sorry.).

After the race I jogged (soft J) a couple miles cool-down, ate an apple and some M&Ms, lay in the sun, and collected two more Winner Cups (working towards a full set!). It was excellent.

(I will hopefully be posting more a link to official results and some trail racing pictures later today...)

But that’s not all I did this weekend! Rewind to Saturday: LOTR-Emily and I toured the White House Gardens on an absolutely perfect autumn-y day. We were literally FEET from the West Wing and Oval Office. Unfortunately no Obama-sightings to report…

In the Obama's backyard.
The Obama's view. Pretty sweet!
The Oval Office.
The White House Kitchen Garden.
Fun Fact: This administration is the first to have a kitchen garden since WWII.

As one of my friends said, the weather was so perfect this weekend I felt like I was in a musical! I am enjoying it while it lasts.