Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Weekend Report: My New Nephew!!! (And My Trip Home)

I’m back from a week at home in California and guess what? We have a baby!!!

And by “we” I mean Sister1 and Geoff have a baby, and I have the proud title of Auntie Mollie. Words cannot express how EXCITED I am about this (even more excited than anticipated), but this is a blog so clearly I’m going to try! 

Sister2 and I went for a long run at Mt. Tam on Monday, October 1, while we waited for baby-time. 

The timing worked out perfectly – we texted Mama when we finished running (What’s the status?”), drove straight to the hospital, and arrived just as baby Liam was being delivered. Sister2 and I did our best to wipe off the worst of the Indian summer dust and sweat in the bathroom, then headed up to the maternity floor. Mama met us at the door and led us into Sister1's room. We'd just started to make ourselves comfortable when a blue scrub-covered wide-eyed Geoff (aka my brother-in-law) walked in. 

Geoff! Hi! Do we have a baby?

"Yeah. Yeah, we have a baby," he confirmed in a voice tinged with surprise and a smattering of terror. 

Can we see him?

"I think so. Umm, ok, follow me. This way."

We followed him around the corner to the nursery, just as two nurses were pushing in a plastic bucket on a cart with a baby inside. 

Are you supposed to be here? they asked. Is this your baby?

"Yes! I think so? That's my baby!"

We watched new dad and Liam thought the window of the nursery, oohing and awing and marveling over his size -- at 9 lbs 7 oz, Liam looked like he could eat the other babies! But when we rolled him back to Sister1's room, normal perspective was returned and he looked like the tiny thing he really was.

Mama left to go find Sister1, while Geoff, Sister2, and I waited, watching over swaddled Liam in his cart ("No one holds him until Jeannie can!" was the fatherly decree). But once Sister1 was back, we were good to go. So there we were at the hospital, smelling like winners and holding our brand-new nephew!

We spent that day, and the next, and part of the next hanging out with our newest addition at the hospital and it was wonderful. Liam seriously gets cuter by the day! (Can I just say that pregnancy/birth/babies are NO JOKE. I have learned so many crazy things over the past week!)

On Wednesday afternoon, we gave the new parents some space and headed up to Tahoe. Another reason for this trip home is that Sister2 is about to move to Thailand for at least five months, so we needed some hang-out time. 

The lake in October is very hit-or-miss…the trail running was guaranteed to be awesome, but dipping was definitely not warm. However, I’m not one to back down from a Mama-extended challenge, so that crazy lady and I dipped every day. Oh hello 60 degrees water!!!

Too too soon it was time for me to head back to DC, but it’s ok because I’ll be back home for more Liam time at Thanksgiving!

Also, just wanted to share this picture from the San Francisco Airport. LOVE NorCal!