Monday, November 19, 2012

Weekend Report: From California

Oh that’s right, I’m home again!

I hopped on a plane at crack o’dawn o’clock yesterday morning, made the loooong journey from DC to CA (by way of Phoenix -- blerg), and now I’m back in Petaluma!

Some notes on cross-country air travel:
  1. Coffee and snacks.
  2. Not too much coffee if you have a window seat.
  3. To/from the absolutely miserable-looking people next to me: pulling an all-nighter and then getting on a plane hurts everyone, especially you.
  4. Yoga pants. Seriously.
  5. Don’t try to run. Take the day off. 
  6. Crossword puzzles.
  7. When heading west, look forward to the longest day ever (I got up at 5:30 am DC time, which is the equivalent of 2:30 am CA time, which means that I felt like I’d had a whole day and was ready for bed at about about 4 pm.)
I don’t have much to tell you on the home-events front. I landed yesterday at noon and headed straight to my grandma’s house. She fed me grapes and cookies and tea while we chatted about her various book groups and my life plans.  

Then we drove through the City and across the bridge (for those of you who don't know this -- people do actually use it!) to Petaluma. In true Northern California fashion, we had dungeness crab for dinner (holler crab season!) and spent some time with my very concerned nephew. 

He has started recognizing people...which means he doesn’t recognize me...which means a) he cried the whole time; b) I need to spend a lot of time with him this week so he knows me; and possibly c) maybe I just smell bad or look scary? Though I look JUST like him and his the looking-scary angle is rather unlikely. 

Oh and countdown: 3 days until Thanksgiving