Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Chobani Greek Yogurt: Banana and Pear

Let’s talk breakfast. Some say it’s not necessary. Some say it’s the most important meal of the day. I say that I have always been on Team Eat Breakfast and Lord help anyone who tries to meaningfully interact with me before it happens.

Since I run before work, I eat a lot in the mornings. Don’t judge me, it usually looks something like this:

6:18 am
  • 1 shot block; or a finger-ful of peanut butter; and/or a couple chocolate chips; or a marshmallow.  (Ok so I’ll accept a little of your judgment for this…but the goal is really just some sugar of some kind to get me out the door when my eyes are still only half open.) 
8:15 am
  • 3-5 chips and salsa. Maybe some cheese involved in there. Maybe a couple carrot sticks as I pack my lunch. (I call this my “pre-breakfast,” as it is the breakfast that will get me to work where actual breakfast happens.)
9:15 am – Breakfast time! 
  • ½ apple (usually fuji), thinly sliced and used as edible spoons
  • Yogurt
  • Frozen berries to make it extra-cold and fabulous
  • A sprinkling of Grape Nuts for crunch
  • Coffee (well duh) with a little cream and one splenda.
I have been enjoying a variation on this meal since umm probably junior year of high school. So it’s been about 10 years and this breakfast is still going strong.

And recently my breakfast took a major turn for the better. The lovely people at Chobani Greek Yogurt sent me their new flavors to try (text from SpeedyKate: Ummm Chobani shipped you a box of yogurts?), which is aaaaaamazing of them. I am super-psyched to be on their bloggers list because I do love Greek yogurt and I’m not just saying that.* (Remember when SpeedyKate and I ate a gourmet Greek yogurt dinner? I really do need to re-create that soup…)

The two new flavors: Low-fat Banana and Non-fat Pear. They are pretty much rocking my world. The banana one tastes like real bananas (not that fake banana candy flavor) and is sooo rich and delicious – with the addition of frozen strawberries I feel like I’m eating dessert. The Pear is milder tasting and goes SO WELL with frozen blackberries.

Normally I'm a non-fat whenever possible kind of person (because why not?), but it's only a 20 total calorie difference (140 v. 160) between non- and low-fat, and the low-fat is actually significantly better. And really, 20 calories is like 6 chocolate chips or a walk around the block, i.e. NO DIFFERENCE.

Also, I was thinking this morning that I'm probably all kinds of protein and calcium for those of us who care, each yogurt has 14 grams of protein and 15% of recommended daily calcium. That's pretty good, right? (So says the girl who eats marshmallows before 6:30 am...)

Sadly, the shelf o’yogurt in my fridge is running low…I think I’m down to the last three, which will get me through this week. If only I could have yogurt delivered to my house on a regular basis!

*Yogurt was free (thanks Chobani!) but my opinions, as always, are my own.