Monday, October 7, 2013

Weekend Report: The Electric Run, Boston

On Friday night a few classmates and I did the Electric Run, and it was so much fun! It's one of those running(ish) experiences -- not a race at all, just thousands of people dressed in neon and splattered in day-glo on a lighted 5K course. 

We all registered in the first couple weeks of school (me: new friends! running! I'm in!). But then fast-forward to this past Friday (holy bejeezes it's already October!), and I was just not in the mood. It was gray and rainy and the venue (Gillette Stadium) is far from Boston. But as I left school, composing my "I'm out, have fun" email in my head, I ran into a couple of the other runners and was talked into going. 

Long story short: I am so glad I went! 

The un-timed "run" was 5K of mostly walking, which was a-ok with me. The course wound around the stadium and would have been completely boring in the daytime, but was surreal and awesome at night.

We ran through a glowing forest, a tunnel of overhead neon lights, and a ceiling of light-up umbrellas, all alongside thousands of people dressed in day-glo, decked out in glowing accessories, smeared in body paint, and splattered with whatever the chemical is inside glow sticks. 

The course ended in the stadium and turned into an epic rave-esque dance party. Electronic music isn't usually my thing, but I do love dancing and neon things -- aka it was so much fun!

For the rest of the weekend, I adopted new grad school weekend strategy: work all day, and then DO NOT WORK. So I spent all day Saturday and Sunday at my dining room table, staring at various books, articles, and websites, writing a paper, and learning calculus. I know. Ick. 

But then, by 7:30 pm each day I was done (academically at least), and on my way to fun things with interesting people! Saturday night a house of students hosted a pizza party, aka they provided the dough and sauce, everyone else brought toppings. Yummmm. And Sunday night I went to a formal(ish) sit-down dinner party with grad students from other schools: fancy 3-course meal, a set table, everyone dressed nice, and a host-directed mandate: you will have interesting conversation. (Sometimes I feel like I'm playing adult...but I guess technically I am an adult.) 

Anywho, back to work now for me. Or, to be completely honest, yoga, lunch, then back to work. Hope you had a nice weekend too!