Monday, October 21, 2013

Weekend Report: SpeedyKate in Boston

Flashback: this post is about Columbus Day weekend. Then mid-terms happened, my brain melted in the process, and I was quite literally unable to blog last week.

But! Before that craziness I gave myself a lovely vacation from all things school and spent the weekend with SpeedyKate (visiting from DC). And for serious, it was so fun!

SpeedyKate arrived Friday night from DC (hooray!!!), and we headed back to my apartment to host a rather Fletcher-centric party. The impetuous was the celebration of the the completion of a group project (me: I like you all but I hate group projects...let's hang out outside of class?). I love hosting low-key evening parties -- it's so easy to provide dessert, and then ask friends to bring snacks and drinks. Everyone wins! Plus, though it feels like everyone has already met everyone, turns out there are many a networked hole to fill.

And Saturday, oh Saturday, SpeedyKate, Jess, and I had BIG plans. Jess periodically blogs for the Finance Foodie, and thus gets to attend fancy shmancy food events around Boston. For the last four years I've been hearing about them, mouth watering in jealousy. BUT NOW I LIVE HERE TOO. Aka, Jess emailed me to inform me that I was her +1 for the Boston Dessert Showcase. When I told her Kate was coming for the weekend, boom! We were both her +1s. You can read her very entertaining write up of the event here, and let me just say: sooo much chocolate and sugar and cupcakes and a s'mores bar = a well-earned sugar coma for all.

Sunday was glorious weather-wise (Dear Boston, Thank you. Love, Mollie), and SpeedyKate and I spent it walking around, seeing the sights, and eating delicious food in the North End. Then we saw Ra Ra Riot at the House of Blues. This was a semi-two-for experience, since the House of Blues is literally across the street from Fenway Park. So we saw all the Red Sox craziness, and enjoyed a great concert!

Monday morning we made our way to Brookline Village to meet my mama (she's working in Boston for 3 weeks) for breakfast at Martin's Coffee Shop. The pancakes are seriously HUGE. I was happily full and in a quasi-syrup coma for the rest of the day.

After breakfast we walked along Riverway to get to the Museum of Fine Arts. There are two excellent special exhibits right now: "John Singer Sargent Watercolors," and "She Who Tells a Story: Women Photographers from Iran and the Arab World."

Some of my faves:

Beautiful, right??? If you're in Boston, I highly recommend both shows. 

Sadly, Kate left Monday afternoon and I returned to my real life...but I'm happy to report that I successfully survived two midterms and a Calculus final exam, so life is pretty awesome here in Boston!