Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Born To Run by Christopher McDougall

Born to Run, by Christopher McDougall is by far the best running book I have ever read. The core story is the organization of a race pitting the Tarahumara runners of Mexico (a reclusive “tribe,” who are allegedly the greatest distance runners in the world) against the United States’ greatest ultra marathoners. Along the way, McDougall chronicles his own discoveries in distance running as he seeks to find out why the Tarahumara are so good. These people do not get injured, despite the fact that they run in rubber sandals. He also explores the biomechanics of running and furnishes proof for the thesis that people are designed to be distance runners.

I think that runners and non-runners alike would enjoy this book. McDougall writes in a way that is entertaining, while simultaneously being informative and enlightening.

I was so torn as I neared the end of this book – part of me wanted to inhale it as fast as humanly possible, while the other part of me wanted to stretch it out and make the story last longer. 

You know when you get to the last sentence and feel genuinely sad that a book is over? That is how I felt with Born to Run, so:

1.  Get the book (it’s new, so unfortunately only hard copy is available – but I promise it’s worth it!)
2.   Read
3.   Come back to this blog and check out these sites for supplementary reading if you, like me, do not want the story to end!

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