Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Cupcakes in Boston

Here is a link to the lovely Erin’s Internet debut. The jealousy I experience while watching this is almost too much to bear – she is eating a variety of free cupcakes!!!

I’m actually not a huge cupcake fan because I don’t really like the cake-to-frosting ratio. I like a little bit of frosting with each bite of cake, rather than a chunk of frosting on top of my cake. Also, cupcakes kind of force you to take big bites, and I prefer to take my time and enjoy.

That is not to say that if someone handed me a cupcake I would turn it down! Given the choice, I would prefer a piece of layer cake, but that regardless I am still insanely jealous of any free cake!

Of the ones they tried, I am most intrigued by the pink lemonade…