Thursday, September 24, 2009

Literary Bite: The Lost Symbol

I started reading a really good book on Sunday night. And then I forgot said book at work when I left on Monday! Thus, I needed a one-night substitute. Enter Dan Brown.
Yes that’s right, I am currently reading the super-awesome (if not poorly written) new Dan Brown book – The Lost Symbol.  And it is everything one would expect out of a Dan Brown book. I should know, I’ve read them all. 

Let me explain. 

First thing’s first, this was all pre-movies, pre-media hype. I am no slave to trends!

In high school I was very into ski racing (and anyone who knew me then would know that’s like the understatement of the century). A big part of ski racing is race cancellations due to weather. As in, you can travel to an obscure mountainous location and just not race because of storms/ice/rain/blizzards/winds.

 This happens quite often. So anyway, one time, in Mammoth, such a storm struck. We (my mom and I) were snowed in at a friend’s condo for a week. 

These friends had a well-stocked condo (meaning ice cream + books = yes!). So in the course of that week I read ALL the Dan Brown books:
I curse you Dan Brown!
This was my thought as I awoke, bleary-eyed, early on a frosty morning in Lhasa. I’d gone to the book exchange at the guesthouse the night before and rummaged through its quirky offerings. I left beingd an exceptionally boring book about Shanghai – a real drudgery, makes-you-think-of-homework kind of book – and picked up Angels and Demons by Dan Brown, because when confronted by a forty-eight-hour train trip to Chengdu it’s good to have a fat, plot-intensive book. But is was just too tasty. Just one more chaptet, I thought as the clock ticked past 2 a.m. It was only when the power failed at 3:30 in the morning and my room plugged into darkness that I finally set the book aside. But the damage had been done. I had little more than 100 pages left.
Oh Troost, I totally agree. Though a modern-day Shakespeare Brown is not, he is, without a doubt, master of the plot-driven narrative. And this new one is all in DC!

So obviously the very high-quality literature I started reading Sunday night has fallen to the wayside to make temporary room for The Lost Symbol. I only wish I were in a position to read it all at once! Unfortunately things like running, work, electricians, plumbers, sleep, and eating have obstructing my own personal quest to finish this book asap – so it is still a work in progress.

Dan Brown is like a force of nature, if you like his books, you will read this next installment. So clear your schedule and enjoy the ride!

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