Friday, September 25, 2009

So Very Grateful for Running!

"I run now," says Todd Wilson, "because there was a day when I couldn't and there will probably be a day when I can't."
- RW Article: Marathon Challenge Runner of the Week

I kind of agree - when I'm not in the mood to run, I often consider taking time off, (gasp!) - just not running for a while. But then I think back to the times when, for whatever reason, I have been unable to run. And then I throw myself out the door. Because you just never know!!!
Very rarely (because I am a PLANNER), I will be unable to run because x was running late, or y got in the way. I literally get to the end of the day and don't have time to run! This results in some major crankiness, because a planned day off is great, but an unplanned day off is SO frustrating!
(Have I mentioned that I'm addicted to running?)

Everyone has the occasional time and motivtional complaints. But there have also been times when, because of injury issues, I have been unable to run for weeks (and one time,
months) at a time. Being in that situation reminded me how much I love to run. I would see people running down the street and think, I would give anything to be running right now. I suggested semi-ridiculous things, such as encouraging my non-running friends to go for a run, just because you CAN!

My running friends would complain about a bad run/workout/race, and all I would think was,
At least you can run.
We often forget how really really awesomely amazing the ability to run is. Forgetting this makes us ungrateful. E.g. the
Ugh, I'm so not in the mood to run right now! - type of mentality.

So when I'm going through a bad running spell, and I think (just for a moment) that maybe running is just an overall bad idea, I remember how I felt when I couldn't run. Remembering that time reminds me how grateful that I am that right now, this minute, I
can run...(what a wonderful ability!) and then I get out there and enjoy it.