Sunday, September 27, 2009

The Weekend Report: I Love Paula

"I would step over a person to get me a peanut butter ball"
- Paula Deen

I have blogged about a Food Network star I hate (Sandra Lee), but now I want to tell you about a Food Network star I love. That's right, Paula Deen, in all her southern deep-fried, bacon-wrapped, mayonnaise-y, butter-licious glory. Love her. She's just so jolly!

Now, I don't think I've ever made any of her food...and a lot of it, like I said, is a bit appalling to my Northern Californian/North Easterner/runner taste. But still really enjoy watching her show. (Not her talk show though, I think Food Network stars should to stick to cooking.)

Anyway, the inspiration for this I Love Paula post, is that I saw her this weekend!!! The National Book Festival was in DC on the Mall. I looked at the line-up in advance, and though there were many famous authors there, the only one I REALLY wanted to see was Paula Deen.

I made it just in time to hear her talk at 11:45. (I had to get my workout in pre-festival, and it's amazing how 9am can feel like 5am on a weekend!)

 There were a TON of people, and at first I couldn't really see her over all the heads. But then as the uninterested slowly trickled away (psh - obviously not real fans!) I was able to creep closer and closer until I was, no joke, like 30 feet away from Paula Deen and her husband, Michael Grover. Let me tell you, she was just as over the top in person as she is on TV - she even pulled out a chunk of her hair to show that she had extensions! And her hubby is the cutest old man ever!!! Santa Claus to the max. OMG, I just want to be in their family! Check out this interview with Michael on Butter In My Veins

They obviously loved being in front of a crowd, and seemed so down to earth and friendly - basically just like you think Paula and Michael should be. I really can't imagine Paula Deen having any diva hissy-fit, even though she's really famous.

So yes, go me, I saw Paula in person! I've always said that of the celebrities I would like to meet, Food Network stars top my list. Like, what would I say to Brad Pitt??? But if I came face to face with Ina Garten, I would get all ohmygodohmygodILOVEYOU!!! in true junior high fashion.

And that was basically how it was with Paula Deen. I am dying to get myself to Savannah and eat at her restaurant! Anyone? Anyone? Road trip???