Wednesday, October 14, 2009

The Places I've Run: Brooklyn, NY

As you may already know, I went to New York City for the first time this past weekend. My friend and I stayed with her cousin and his partner in Brooklyn. Mer's cousin's partner (for simplicity's sake I will henceforth refer to him as MCP) is in training for the Philadelphia Marathon. Late Friday night it came up in conversation.

MCP: Did I hear that you brought running shoes?
Me: Yeah, I need to run tomorrow.
MCP: Do you want to run with me?
Me: Yes!

What do you do on the first morning of a 3-day vacation weekend? Well, I go for a marathon-style long run with someone I just met at still-dark-o'clock in the a.m. 
We started running at 6:30. MCP had mapped out a route for himself in advance - 20 miles for him, and a couple bail-point options for me (there is absolutely NO NEED for me to run 20 miles!). 

I honestly have no idea where we were running. It felt like a Brooklyn meander - mostly through neighborhoods. We ran to Coney Island, which I was kind of excited about, just because that's a place you hear about in movies or whatever. Coney Island is not actually an island in itself (it is the tip of Brooklyn, which is an island). There's a real beach with sand, and a boardwalk (I don't know why I was surprised that there was a beach...I guess because I don't think of NY as a beach place). Though overall it feels pretty depressing - picture running through an abandoned amusement park in the fog of a Saturday morning. 

Anywho, one of the many things I love about running with other people is it makes the running part so much easier. When you have good company, running is just something you happen to be doing while getting to know someone. There's a reason I know my running friends better than anyone else - spend multiple hours with people when the only diversion is the movement of your feet, and very close very fast!

We talked the whole time about anything/everything - running, racing, food/cooking (YES - I love when I find a fellow-foodie), blogging, family, jobs, careers, Africa, life-goals, high school experiences, theater...the list goes on and on. I ran for 2 hours and 10 minutes! FOURTEEN miles! And only about the last 20 minutes, when I split off from MPC to head home, felt hard. (By that point I was like mmmkthanksI'mdone.)

Follow it up with a hot shower, a cup of South American coffee, and a delicious omelette (I LOVE when other people cook for me, especially when I'm post-run tired). And my leftover Magnolia chocolate cake from the nigh before (don't judge). YES - good morning. 


  1. Holy crap.
    I love running BUT 2 HOURS AND 10 MINUES? Mannn. I do HIIT, which is kind of like endurance running, for fun, every other day. Gets me moving and totally makes my day 100x better. Although I could NEVER have a running partner... Everytime I run with someone, I start CRACKING UP! Literally. I just fall over laughing. I have no idea why but the idea of watching someone else run with me puts me in stitches.

    Oh, and plus, running a good TWENTY FREAKIN' MILES totally makes it okay to have Magnolia Chocolate Cake.

    As for someone who runs maybe 5 like me... Uhm. Not so much. But, in celebration to you, and your running skills, I'll share a cup of coffee... And a cookie. In your name, of course ;)

  2. Hey - absolutely; cake after a 14-mile run? - need to restore some carbs.

    Running with a partner can be fun. If, as is often the case, my partner-for-a-day is a better runner than me, I hone my conversation skills at keeping THEM talking; I need all my air for the huffing and puffing part.

    Also - running is one of the few sweat-inducing activities you can do with a partner of the opposite sex without commitment (or guilt, if commitment wasn't your aim..)

  3. Haha, true on all counts!

    run + chocolate cake = yum!

    I have spent a lot of time on both ends of the running-speed divide. Most of college I was the one gasping off the back of the pack, and now I tend to be the Chatty Cathy in front!

    Running-dating can be tricky business - I never want to send the wrong message! Like, I'm just looking for a running partner most of the time...not a bf!

    Alexandra, if you're ever in the DC area, I want to run with you - you can laugh at me all you want - That's absolutely absurd!

  4. I believe the conversation went more like:

    (Mollie unpacks two different pairs of running shoes)
    MCP: You up for a 20 mile run?

    I agree with everything in your post and am glad you had a great time as I did as well. :) ~ MCP

  5. True story - I claim poetic license!