Monday, October 26, 2009

The Weekend Report: Boston Dessert Week

Basically, my weekend can be summed up in one short sentence: I went to Boston and ate a LOT of dessert. 
But, since telling the short version of a story is not exactly my style...this week is now officially, dun-dun-dun-ta-tummmmm...

Boston Dessert Week! 

(Much like New York Fashion Week - but better) and I will be blogging about all things Boston and dessert-related for the next few days (at least!). 
The only person who may not be happy about Boston Dessert Week is my dad (him: You write about food too much. Why would I want to read about food of no one's going to make it for me? Me: Why wouldn't you??) But rest assured Daddy-o, I will be including some running posts this week as well!

If you think I am obsessed with desserts, you should meet my friends Jess and Erin. These girls are impressive - they put my love of all things sweet to shame. They are frosting queens.
 Cupcake blog-reading literary experts. Is there a tasting event in the city 3 months from now? They will know about it. New cake book coming out? They will be on the pre-ordering list. And most importantly, when their good friend (yours truly) drives 9 hours from DC, they will be there next to me: planning, baking, and enjoying an all-out dessertfest to the max!!!

Here is an excerpt from the invite:
I fancy any occasion for friends to bake me cakes and eat copious amounts of buttercream alongside me. Touch bellies with the birthday girl on Saturday October 24 and dig into dessert until those bellies burst. A show-stopping rainbow layer cake via Erin and Mollie will serve as the centerpiece, but don't worry--there will be more than enough sweet treats to make your teeth hang on for dear life. If you even try and show up without a baked good in tow, get out of my face. The more desserts the merrier! Sign up below with what you plan to bake/buy (if bought, it better be worth my while) and get excited frosting fiends, cupcake cravers and layer cake lushes--it's my 24th birthday!
And let me tell you, we do things right. We've been sending frantic emails since September - selecting the perfect recipes to compliment one anothers' dishes, and ensure that the party's dessert selection is balanced and awesome! (And when I say "balanced," I'm talking about chocolate to frosting to vanilla to ice cream to condiments ratios...nothing even remotely relating to health!) 

As party-time approaches, you can gauge our excitement by our volume. We get louder and louder, more and more high-pitched, as the desserts get closer and closer to ready-for-consumption! (As a general rule, I really hate shrieking girls, but I find that in the presence of 12 different desserts - all destined for my tummy - I truly can't help myself!)

Ohmygod, what if we don't have enough! I hope everyone comes! I hope everyone likes what we made! What if the cake doesn't work! I'm so anxious right now!!!

But obviously, people came. And how could a party centered around dessert-eating not be awesome? I mean really, if no one but me, Jess, and Erin showed up, that would have been enough - we talk at 90mph and eat desserts at a similar pace!

This week I will blog about a different dessert every day. But to give you an idea of what we had (try not to keel over and die with jealousy/thought-induced sugar coma):
- Oreo cupcakes
- Rocotta-pear pancakes
- Caramel corn
- Pecan brownies
- Oatmeal raisin pumpkin cookie cake
- Rainbow chip cookies
- Graham cracker peanut butter balls
- Pumpkin muffins with cream cheese frosting

If you think you might want to replicate our EXTRAVAGANZA, here are the rules:

- Only invite people who like desserts (last year at a dessert party - haha, yes, we've now had 3! - my roommate kept "joking" 
about bringing a pizza or something like that. 
Um...not funny, get out of my face.)
- Everyone who comes needs to bring something delicious. 
- Just a personal preference/life-rule: no pants, no problems. I recommend leggings and a loose-fitting shirt.
- No limits and no judgement.
- Enjoy!!! 

I  recommend eating something light and salty pre-desserts. Otherwise you run the risk of OD-ing on sugar too early in the evening (ask Erin!). Make sure you check back tomorrow, and the next day, and the next day for more dessert awesomeness!!!