Monday, January 25, 2010

The Weekend Report: Library Card!

This weekend, I finally got a library card. And I am psyched out of my mind about it!

You’re probably thinking Duh, Mollie, library cards are pretty standard

And I know that. I’ve been meaning to get one for quite a while now, but just haven’t gotten around to it. So finally on Saturday I went to the West End Library in Foggy Bottom, my bank statement in hand (as proof of my residence), and signed up for a DC library card. I filled out my info, and the bored-looking librarian offered me three cards to choose from, as if this wasn't an important moment in my life. I picked one with a tree frog on it, saying "Hop Into Your Library." And I felt like a new woman.

I’ve had library cards before. My Sonoma County Library card is still in my wallet, my wobbly first-grader signature scrawled on the back from the field trip we took to that illustrious institution at the very beginning of my academic career.

And then my Boston Public Library Card, acquired my freshman year of college when I had to research post-modernist religious and cult philosophy for a writing seminar.

There is something truly glorious about libraries. Rooms upon rooms upon rooms of books, all for the taking. All you have to do is leave your name, and as many books as you can carry are yours. For free! It’s feels kind of like stealing, kind of like winning. Like I can’t believe my good fortune (but at the same time recognize that this opportunity is available to everyone). Ah, libraries!

And libraries can be so much more than books. In addition to two books, I checked out a few CDs (West End has an impressive country music collection). There are also Audiobooks (oh, if only my ipod worked!), movies, and TV shows. Basically everything you need in life. Unlimited and free! (I had to exert some self-control and only check out 2 books and 3 CDs - I did have a long walk home!)

If you’re like me and have not yet signed up for a library card, I HIGHLY recommend it. This new bit of plastic in my wallet pretty much made my weekend!

And you know what else made my weekend? 

Lunch at Agraria: Farmers and Fishes on Saturday. This is the sister restaurant to Founding Farmers (which I've blogged about before), and OH MAN it was delish! Unlike Founding Farmers, Agraria does not have breakfast daily (thought their Sunday brunch is something I definitely want to look into). The menu is very extensive, which makes this indecisive girl's meal-choice very difficult. 

I went with the fish tacos, and was mildly disappointed (they were good, but not goooood, you know?). But the hummus appetizer (Farmer's Hummus with Fresh-Grilled Navajo Bread), on the other hand, beyond surpassed expectations! I want to go back just for that! Usually a hummus appetizer involves some pita, a pile of hummus, and maybe a few tomatoes or some such garnish. But Farmers and Fishes took hummus to a whole new level: hummus drizzled in olive oil, a mound of goat cheese, roasted garlic cloves, roasted red peppers, tomato paste, an assortment of olives, and fresh sliced tomatoes. And of course, freshly homemade flat-bread. Yummilicious! 

My friend got a Roasted Vegetable Pizza, which was fantastic as well. 

And, fyi, they are extending DC Restaurant Week deals through January 31, so you can get a pretty amazing lunch for only $20!