Friday, January 1, 2010

It's Ok, Don't Panic

Happy New Year!

In case you were worried, no, I did not die on a run, overdose on sugar, or get so extremely lazy that I could not bear to turn on a computer (all of which are feasible options right now...that's a little scary).

I went skiing for a couple days in Lake Tahoe with Sister2 and Boyfriend (hers). It was great - I LOVE skiing. Though a hilly hike followed by two days of 9-4 skiing = me
ridiculously sore. (Haha, quote Boyfriend on day 2: Is Mollie going to make us stay out all day again? I'm a benevolent dictator, I swear - I did the last 5 runs by myself.)

And New Year's Eve? Well, it's a weird holiday. Not my fave. But I did spend it in downtown Reno, where the sickening stench of cigarette smoke (legal
inside) was only surpassed by the number of excessively short dresses on rather large Reno-ites (take a note from What Not To Wear - dress to your body type!) So that was an experience.I'm back in the good old P-town now, enjoying my last weekend of break. See you Monday!