Wednesday, April 14, 2010

The Perfect 7-Miler

This is my auto-pilot route. It’s the run I do when I walk out my front door with no idea of where I want to go, or when it’s too early or I’m too tired to get creative (much like “The Run” at home). It is the perfect combination of terrain and hills, and it’s a loop (which is so much more interesting than an out-and-back).

The benefit of running a go-to pre-measured route is that you can compare your speed day to day. Some days are a slog and it takes conscious effort to put one foot in front of the other. And on those days this route feels (and takes) longer. When I’m having a good day, I can breeze through, finishing my 7 miles in 50 minutes - no problem.

Depending on my fitness, this is my standard distance or my long run. Maybe someday a 7-miler will be my easy run…but probably not any time soon!

So for those of you who live or work anywhere in Northwest DC, here’s how it goes:

Start: Dupont Circle

-       Enter Rock Creek Park at P street

-       Run on RCP bike path up past the Zoo until you get to Tilden Street (4 miles)

-       Turn left up Tilden Street (this is your one hill – it’s a long one, so pace yourself)

-       At the top of Tilden Street, turn left onto Connecticut Avenue

-       Stay on Connecticut Ave. and run back to Dupont 

If you can't see the map below, click here

Happy running!