Sunday, April 18, 2010

The Weekend Report: Rest-less

This weekend was supposed to be my weekend of relaxation. After Sister2's visit, and my trip to Boston, and my mama, and Texas, I deserve a nice long weekend of rest. 

Wrong. This weekend was not that weekend.

It all started Friday night. I got off work looking forward to a nice pool run and a meet-up with some friends later on. I thought the gym would be emptier on a Friday night - people should be out, at happy hour, meeting friends for dinner, whatever. Right? Wrong. Again, I hate people (variations on a theme, all revolving around the YMCA pool).

Usually a good evening workout puts me in the best mood possible, but Friday night's pool experience made me mad. And then while raging on the phone to my dad in the grocery store, I dropped said phone (Dad: Why aren't you going out with your friends tonight? Me: Because I hate people right now). And now my phone is broken. Sweet.

So after all that, I opted for a night in.

Then Saturday night/all day Sunday, I got roped in to playing camp counselor/tour guide/travel agent for two high school boys. Basically, their mom and I had two very different visions of my degree of involvement in their weekend. Ugh. So now I get serious anxiety every time my phone rings (the mom called me 12 times in a 24 hour period!!!). Please don't call me.

Wow, sorry to sound like such a debbie-downer!

There were some great aspects of my weekend too: Eastern Market, Peregrine Espresso, Soho cheesecake, the Meridian Hill Park drum circle

So OMG my life is so hard! Oh wait, it's really not.

My only complaint is that it wasn't the relaxing weekend of baking and reading and laying around that I wanted.

Oh well, there's always next weekend!