Friday, May 20, 2011

Best of the Week #21

I am so excited about life right now!

I woke up yesterday morning, feeling exhausted from the longest short week ever (I trained 2 replacements in 2 days…aka talked for 9 hours straight twice in a row), but also feeling an eerie sense of awesomeness.

My life is moving forward, I’m about to start a new and exciting job, and everything is rainbows-and-sunshine-and-cupcakes-and-puppies kind of wonderful!

I went for a run and felt on top of the world – my favorite 7-miler breezed by as I listened to country music on my ipod and enjoyed the light drizzle cooling me as I ran. 

The world may end this Saturday night...but if it doesn't, I'm racing an 8k in Georgetown!

And now, I bring you Best of the Week. It’s a bit abbreviated (due to the aforementioned busy-ness), but still good.

My most popular post this week was the Summer Peach Chantilly Cake. Oh the memories, this cake is one of my best cakes ever

This series of pictures of Dutch Tulip Farms are really cool.  

This post on “How to live in Washington DC” is pretty accurate. Here's an example:
It’s the end of summer and your shirt is sticking to your back, your feet are swollen and think how you would do terrible things to get access to a rooftop pool.
Visit the Holocaust Museum. Cry.
Make friends fast. Everyone is friendly. Everyone is from somewhere else. They are away from home for the first time like you, or coming from a 6 year grad/law school program where they helped with AIDS research. Whoa, people are smart in DC. Clutch your B.A. in Political Science, or Government, or History or Women’s Studies for dear life. Drink with Republicans. Make out with Liberals. See more diversity than you ever have in your entire life living back home.

The WaPo brings us the less than awesome news that "Even fresh out of college, women still make less than men." Bummer.

This post on Simple Ideas that are Boarderline Genius Part 7 brings us such things as the Citrus Powered Clock and the No-Spill Taco Holder.

I was forwarded an email of kitties who “are perfectly comfortable, thanks for asking.” Adorable. 

And that is all for now. Have a wonderful weekend!