Friday, May 27, 2011

Best of the Week #22

This week, in addition to many many vocab words, I have learned a few (arguably completely irrelevant) things:

1. Trader Joe's Yellow Corn Tortilla Chips are extremely disappointing (I may or may not have had chips and salsa for breakfast). 
2. Early morning tempo runs are not particularly fun, but better than running in 93* heat.
3. If you go to Yola and order coffee, ask for a to-go cup. The for-here cup is way smaller and costs the same. (My unstinting* coffee consumption this week has led me to conclude that Tryst is the best.)
4. To avoid seeing the same movie twice accidentally, check movie previews before going to screenings.
5. When you wake up at 5:15 am, 10 am feels really really late. (Is it nap time yet?)

My most popular post this week was Red Velvet Brownies with Cream Cheese Frosting. These would be perfect at a Memorial Day bar-b-q! You could even decorate them with blueberries or blackberries to make them even more patriotic.

The movie I saw for the second time this week was a documentary called As We Forgive. It's a film about forgiveness and reconciliation between the survivors and perpetrators of the 1994 Rwandan genocide.

Watch for Ethiopian news this weekend - An anti-government movement is calling for an Arab-style “day of rage” on May 28, the day Prime Minister Meles Zenawi’s rebels captured the capital in 1991.(source)

I am in 100% agreement here. (source)

A lot of my friends are joining the Peace Corps. There's just something about being young and not knowing what to do with your life that inspires people to sign on for 2 years overseas...this article from a former volunteer offers a great perspective on the pros and cons of joining.
Whale sharks are super-awesome. Up to 420 whale sharks gathered off the coast of the Yucat√°n Peninsula in Mexico, forming the world's largest known assembly of this species. Cool!!! (source)

The Sudanese army invaded Abyei, the region on the boarder of North and South Sudan, about a week ago. Since then, the Sudanese government remains intransigent*, responding to international condemnation and calls to withdraw from the region. Sign this petition to call on the Obama administration to move beyond rhetoric and urgently work to create and impose the consequences necessary to help diffuse the crisis in Abyei. (source)
One of my friends started a new online sample sale shopping website, Juxster. They have TOMS for $30 (instead of $60), as well as a bunch of interesting art and fashion books on sale. And because Eat Run Read-ers are awesome, enter the code JKO5 to get $5 off!

I am a huge fan of doing work and in life. (source)

Hope you have an awesome Memorial Day Weekend! Grill some things, run some miles, and enjoy your time in the sunshine!

*Unstinting - adj. not frugal or miserly
*Intransigent - adj. unwilling or refusing to change one's views or to agree about something