Wednesday, June 15, 2011

A Saga of the Unprepared

Ok, so can we talk about last Friday? Because I have some serious emotions about that traumatizing morning and I think some blog therapy might help.

DC was ridiculously hot last week, so I started doing early morning workouts because the evenings were unbearable (turns out I can run at 6:15 am – shocking!). Plus I recently started a new job (so far, so good!). Basically, big life changes on the Mollie front…and these facts are relevant because a) I’m not quite into the routine of pre-work running, and b) I’m on new job best behavior, and therefore can’t be late to work.

Anywho, back to Friday. I got up at the crack of dawn (i.e. 5:18 am – and yes, I do set my alarm to that exact number) to catch a ride to the Ballston track with my teammate for our weekly tempo run. I was tired, it was humid, but workouts must be worked out. Unfortunately Friday’s workout ended after just one 2-mile interval. Because it was bad out there - “air quality” never concerned me so much as it does here!

I got in about 6 miles total running, and left the workout feeling slightly bummed but not terrible. I metro’ed to my new office location and headed to the basement locker room, looking forward to being at my desk bright and early.

But no. The key fob they promised me would work in the basement office gym was not working. I couldn’t get in. I went up to my office and grabbed the intern bathroom key to try it in the door.

Back to the basement – key fail. Ugh, what next? My sweat had long cooled and I needed a shower STAT. I went to the security guard and explained my predicament. He made a few calls, wrote down my name and key number, and said that just this once he’d let me in. (My undying gratitude to you sir!) We went to the basement together, he opened the door, and thought I was on my way to cleanliness and breakfast.

But again, I was mistaken. Inside the gym, the womens’ locker room had a key code on the door! GAH. Noooooo I whined to no one at all. Back up the elevator to ask the guard for the code (for those of you keeping track, this was my 6th time on the elevator that morning). Luckily I jammed my newspaper in the fitness room door to prevent the guard from needing let in again. He gave me a code and back down I went (elevator ride #7). It took a few tries and some strategically articulated Noooowwaaahhhhhaaaaaaa groans of rage and frustration on my part, but finally I got in.

Only to realize that I forgot: 1) my shampoo, 2) my makeup, 3) a bra and 4) a towel. Seriously. W…T…F! I panicked momentarily, but knew I had no choice but to suck it up, shower with the crappy public bathroom soap, and wear my sweat-soaked sports bra.

Shower complete, it was only 8:30 (ah the benefits of working out early). I pried on my disgusting sports bra and headed out to find a store. I wandered the streets of DC, hangry and stressed. Turns out clothing stores aren’t open that early. I even called 6x6 to see if she could help (but mostly just to whine). Luckily CVS’s are ubiquitous*, so the makeup part was easy. I bought some mascara and returned to work, resigning myself to a seriously uncomfortable morning.

This diatribe* has gone on long enough – thank you for your patience.

The bottom line is: Way to go me, showing up to the first all-staff meeting uni-boobed and with a neon green sweat-soaked sports bra peeping out the shoulder of my professional-ish top. Jeesh.

Note to self: Be better prepared. Because the worst half of this saga was entirely my fault.

*Ubiquitous - adj. existing everywhere at the same time, constantly encountered; widespread
*Diatribe - n. an angry speech


  1. omigosh!!!
    you went through a saga for reals.
    hope this week's workouts/prep goes better!!
    also...totally whipped up a super moist double layer carrot cake yesterday for a friend's bday & have successfully made guinness beer bread. i'm going to try making it again but with chunks of hazelnut chocolate, an homage to levain's chocolate sourdough :)

  2. i always have a spare set of undergarments, clothes, and toiletries in my car in case something like this happens. i learned my lesson when i got stuck in the office for a day an a half during an epic storm. maybe you could do the same in your office locker.

  3. BTW, besides the towel I also have shampoo/conditioner with me at the track (emergency bottle in my gym bag). I couldn't have helped with the make up or bra, though.

  4. sometimes I wonder if a nod to the 70's via sans brassiere would have sufficed for this day. I def would have considered that over a sweat soaked sports bra. Heck, a little pre-wrap tape totally would have worked to keep the ladies in check for a bit and glorious CVS def has that! just an idea for next time.

    Sigh. these days make you realize why being an anal runner at times comes in handy. But, double kudos to you for sticking it out and waking up for a serious morning workout. It grows on ya eventually :)

  5. Horrific! Sorry you had such an awful morning. This Friday will definitely be better!

  6. Hey now, have more faith in your readers- we know what ubiquitous and diatribe mean ;) I bet no one from your office even noticed that you had a rough morning.

  7. hahaha, I've been there before. I keep a full back-up workout and work outfit at my desk now for emergencies. I once wore a bright blue sports bra under a white boatneck sweater due to an early morning packing fail. Classy

  8. These are the stories that make me glad I live 5 minutes from work and go there to shower before heading to the office! Yikes, Christine, I like the quick ref definitions, saves me googling time! :)

    Sorry you had a bad day, hopefully you now have a secret stash of everything at work!