Monday, June 20, 2011

Weekend Report: Happy Father's Day!

He's a running dad, a shoe aficionado, an all-sports enthusiast, a 2:24 marathoner, and Mt. Tam's resident expert. I haven't been home for Father's Day in years, but that doesn't mean I can't give him a shout-out: LOVE YOU DAD!

If I were home I'd make you some oatmeal cookies and a chocolate cake, but alas, the virtual version will have to do for now...

Anywho, I wasn't at home running with mi padre, so here's my weekend report:
I after a few weeks and weekends of extreme activity, I took some much-needed down time. I did what felt like a whole lot of nothing this weekend...but clearly I am completely incapable of actually doing here's the run-down.

I was surprisingly tired after a completely uneventful Friday night. I read the paper and puttered around my apartment until 11, when I psyched myself up to go to the gym. (After Friday's terrible workout I decided to take a weekend off idea ever!) I biked for 70 minutes and did some abs, Ex-Co-Worker Stefanie joined me for the second half, making the gym a "social event" of some sort...

Then I met LOTR-Emily at the Shaw Library to take a GRE practice test. Yup, that's about as much fun as it sounds. Two hours later we left the library feeling accomplished, if not dumber than we went in (nothing destroys your soul like a standardized math test...oof).

We peregrinated* homewards, loosely considering going out that evening. LOTR-Emily did, but I was completely happy when my friend texted me to cancel (who's kinda lame? I am!). Instead I stayed in, finished my book (Crime and Punishment...I know, I blogged early), watched a movie (Shrek 4, judge accordingly), and went to bed.

Sunday was no more eventful. I went to church, studied for a bit, then met Stefanie again at the gym. This time we elliptical'ed, worked our abs, then spent some time in the pool. (My legs are tired from all this uncharacteristically resistance-focused training!)

We were in Columbia Heights, so clearly some post-workout fro-yo was in order (Pistachio, Blueberry Tart, and Raspberry with pecans, fresh raspberries, and hot fudge...yup, I'm pretty much the fro-zen-yo master).

My weekend culminated in a book club meeting...turns out one of my club members has the best roof ever! He lives in Glover Park, and from his 9th floor roof you can see everything - all of DC, the Capitol, the Mall, the monuments, Arlington, the National Cathedral. Pretty impressive!

And that, my friends is that. Not an epically memorable weekend, but a good one nonetheless!

*Peregrinated - v. - to travel or journey, especially to walk on foot.