Monday, June 6, 2011

Weekend Report: Chinese food and a long run

FYI: I'm going to take a bit of a blogging hiatus this week. I start my new job today and want to make sure I'm bringing my super-duper A-game. Don't worry though, I'll resume blogging next week once I've settled into my new routine (commuting! morning running! studying! - oh my!). 

But I won't leave you content-less. I'm going to re-post my favorite blogs from Eat Run Read's early days. For those of you who have been reading since day 1 - thank you! And for my newer followers, you'll get to catch up on the smart (-ish...or something) things I had to say back in the day.

But first, before all that, let's talk weekend. Friday night I met LLC and her roommates in Rockville (ugh suburbs - yikes!) to enjoy a night of real Chinese food.  I wish I could tell you what we ordered, but well, the "Chinese Chinese" menu was written in Mandarin and LLC ordered for us in Mandarin - I'm happy to defer to the experts on this point. Let's just say it was plates and plates and plates of deliciousness: pork dumplings, eggplant, spicy string beans, fish in hot oil (sounds gross, tastes delicious), fried rice, and tofu with mushrooms.

The five of us left the hot and spicy feeding frenzy sooooo full. Check out the restaurant's page here.

Saturday I laid low, attempted to trade in my CA drivers' license for a DC one (fail - gah! DMV I hate you), and had a great yoga class. 

Sunday was a bit more ambitious. We're talking 7am-11-miler kind of ambitious. I hitched a ride and met my team at Fletcher's Cove for the weekly Sunday long run. It was long, but good. We ran from Fletcher's Cove to Georgetown, then south along the Potomac, past the Lincoln Memorial, onto Hains Point. We looped around Hains Point, then I peeled off from the group (who were doing 14 and ending up back at Fletcher's) and ran back up 17th street to Dupont Circle. It took me 95 that's an average of 8:37 pace.

Post-run I spent some quality GRE math time at MidCity Caffe. It was a very hip spot, but I won't be returning...smallest $2 cup of coffee ever!

Then I rounded out my Sunday by baking a cake, eating it on my roof, and going to the Drum Circle. All in all a solid weekend.