Friday, July 29, 2011

Best of the Week #30

This week has been a crazy series of ups and downs. I may or may not be running in a race tomorrow morning. We'll see how that all shakes out...but in the meantime Best of the Week!

My most popular post this week was Cookie Dough Fudge Cheesecake, thanks to its inclusion in Love From the Oven's "Cheesecake Recipe Collection - Bites From Other Blogs." Oooh those cheesecakes will make you drool!

This series of pictures is pretty cool! Though I don't know if I'd want post-sprint pictures of me posted on the internet..."Last summer, Sacha Goldberger decided he would take on a very interesting project...He stopped joggers, asking them for a favor - would they sprint for him and then pose right after for his camera? Many obliged. Out of breath, these joggers showed an overwhelming amount of fatigue on their faces. Goldberger then asked these same people to come into his professional studio exactly one week later. Using the same light, he asked them to pose the same way they had before." (source)

"I wanted to show the difference between our natural and brute side versus how we represent ourselves to society," Goldberger tells us. "The difference was very surprising."

That blog led me to the even cooler “Secret Life of Swimmers” (kinda like my Pool People post, but waaaayyy more sophisticated).
"The public pool is a sacred space for many. In this "great equalizer" of the modern city, you can cast aside workday anxieties for the calming, repetitive act of swimming laps. Plus, you can get almost naked in public." (source)

I straight-up don’t believe this. “Sheep: Barnyard Brainiacs.” I raised and showed sheep in 4-H growing up, and as cute as lambs are…the species is NOT smart. (source
"It turns out that sheep are far more intelligent than their reputation for barnyard slowness would lead one to believe. In recent research...Professor Jenny Morton of the Department of Pharmacology at the University of Cambridge and her colleague Laura Avanzo reported that domestic sheep can perform extremely well on tests of designed to measure cognitive abilities, possibly as well as any animal other than primates."
From LLC, who knows me far too well, via email: 
haha, this is you -- "In short, my pie superstitions could be summed up as, 'Shh. The pie can hear you.'"also, lets take a moment. why is it 1 am and I am reading pie recipes online? what is wrong with me.
This is crazy/gross. "Tourists play in algae mats along the Quingdao, China coastline on July 17." (source)

"For the first time, a team of Russian students won the National Geographic World Championship, which is hosted by Jeopardy! host Alex Trebek." I may or may not have been the Associate Producer on the US version of this show...just saying...(source

My Black and White Whoopie Pies reminded 6x6 of a certain Seinfeld video - "Nothing mixes better than vanilla and chocolate! And yet, still somehow racial harmony eludes us...Look to the cookie!"

I suppose that's all I have for you this Friday, hope you have an awesome weekend!