Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Power Lacing for Runners

Power lacing is a technique that will keep your shoes comfortable, stable, and tight. 

You probably thought shoe-lacing was just criss-cross, then either bunny-through-the-hole or double-bunny-ears, and you’re done. But no! Leave it to runners to come up with a slightly more complex but ingeniously better way to keep feet in shoes and shoes pounding pavement.

According to Dr. Blake, who made my orthodics way back in high school, Power lacing gives excellent added rearfoot stability…and [makes] stability shoes function like motion control shoes…I estimate power lacing adds 10 to 20 % more stability for pronation or supination control in most patients…” (He has a blog, if you’re interested in more from Dr. Blake.)

I like my shoes to be one with my feet. No heel rubbing, and no lateral or vertical movement for this girl! I wear orthodics, which raise my heels a bit. Therefore, if I don't power lace I feel like my feet are about to come out of my shoes.

The power lacing technique is simple and easy to do, and makes a huge difference. Watch the video below to see the magic. You'll never normally lace again!