Monday, July 11, 2011

Weekend Report: Chix Gets Married!

Welp it’s official - I’m in that 20-something phase when everyone starts to get married. Luckily I love weddings! (How could you not? Friends + love + dancing + cake = fun!)

The bride was my college friend/teammate, C--- aka Chix. Chix was the first runner I met at BU, and by random chance we lived across the hall from each other freshman year. After I stopped being shy-freshman intimidated by her running awesomeness, we became great friends! Almost every night, Chix, Jess, and I met in the dining hall “late-night” to drink diet soda and split a snack as a study break. And giggle excessively, and make guacamole, and talk about sandwiches, and a certain now-Mr. Chix’s legs!

Her wedding was my second visit to Fitchburg (I spent Thanksgiving with her family one year), and as expected, the Chix family delivered and Fitchburg did not disappoint!

Chix looked absolutely beautiful, and we danced like fools all night (it’s amazing how when you reconvene old friends and teammates we suddenly lose any acquired maturity  and regress to our 2005/6ish selves…sheesh).

(Yes, that is the bride crowd-surfing. Who says runners aren't fun?)

The day after the wedding was the most gorgeous Boston day ever! Jess, Erin, and I meandered around Coolidge Corner, then walked down to Newbury and Boylston Streets to do some shopping. (I got amazing sandals. They were expensive, but I walk 2-6 miles per day, so good sandals are a must.)

Jess's boyfriend Zac met us for dinner at Mr. Sushi in Coolidge Corner. Cheesy name, but amazing food! Erin, Jess, and I all ordered the Hai Dup Bap, a gi-normous bowl of delicious veggies (daikon, carrots, sprouts, cucumber, etc) topped with big chunks of sushi grade tuna, salmon, and roe. 

It comes with miso soup, brown rice and mix-in toppings. So. Good. (I wish the pictures could do it justice…but you’ll have to use your imagination.)

(Jess and Zac. This couple can eat.)

I arrived back in DC early Sunday, enough time to get my productive-face on and do some work/studying/pool running.

It was a great weekend - Congrats to the MAX to Chix and Mr. Chix!!!!