Monday, November 28, 2011

Thanksgiving Break In Pictures

I went home for Thanksgiving this year, and here's what it looked like...

After picking me up at the airport in San Francisco, my mama and I stopped by the Legion of Honor to see a Pissaro exhibit. This is the view from the museum (you're looking at the Marin Headlands). 

Let's make this easy and all agree that my friend's baby is the cutest in the world. 

My mama's rolls (recipe here). They are flaky and buttery and my family's favorite holiday food. 

Sister2 showed me and Amy (our corgi) her newly acquired dance "moves" in the kitchen.

The big deal of this Thanksgiving was that our entire family was together for the first time ever. Here are all the cousins, plus our grandma. 

Amy, trying to blend in with the floor.

What you're drooling over here is a pumpkin streusel pancake with syrup, cream cheese spice frosting, and whipped cream, compliments of Sister1. Yes, that is the intensely awesome sugar coma it sounds like.

It's tradition that on my last day home my mama and I always go on a beach walk. We barely fit it in this time, but made it out to Dillon for a beautiful sunset.

Mama looking cute.

And finally, on Saturday night before I headed back east, we did one final Thanksgiving dinner for just my immediate family. I made another turkey...

And my sisters picked it apart while my mama carved. (Don't worry, this is totally normal in my family. I'm not sure what that says about us.)

Hope you too had a wonderful family-full Thanksgiving break! And you know what this it's Christmas season...get psyched!!!