Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Running Goal Setting

After a long involuntary hiatus, I am officially back to running track workouts!  Yesterday I did an early-morning interval session with my team and it went pretty well for a first workout back.

Long-time readers of this blog may note that I’ve made a number of “comebacks” over the past couple years, all with varying degrees of success.  I get better, then I get overexcited, then I get injured, then I recover(ish), then the cycle repeats…again and again and again.

But it’s time to break that cycle, and to do so I’m going to try something new (to me) – goal setting. I've never really done it before...and people say that accountability is a necessary part of achieving let's all do this together, shall we?

I’m taking a page from the super-official strategic plan style (i.e. goals, tactics, and measures of success), so here we go! I’ve listed them in order of priority.

Goal #1: To run uninjured for an extended period of time.
  • I will not run through pain.
  • I will maintain my supplementary training (yoga, pool, stretching, abs, foam rolling).
  • I will take weekly days off.
  • I will slowly increase my mileage, and avoid doing too much too soon
  • I will not do long runs more than 10 miles until I’m sure that’s a good and necessary idea.

Measure of Success: When I’ve not been injured for a while.

Goal #2: To maintain the distinction between commitment and obsession.
  • Take a day off when I really really don’t feel like running.
  • Remember to be grateful for the ability to run, and to love running even when it’s hard.
  • Anyone have any other ideas of how to do this one? Running/life balance tips???

Measure of Success: Running continuously makes me happy.

Short-Term Goal: Run the Jingle All the Way 8K (December 11) in under 33:00 (sounds random, but I ran an 8K back in May in 33:07, so I want to beat that time).
  • Consistently attend track workouts leading up to the race.
  • Rest and prepare in the days before the race.
  • Don’t make excuses during the race – run hard!

Medium-Term Goals: Set a new PR in the 5K (current PR: 18:15). Race a 10K.
  • If I can train uninjured for an extended period of time, I should be able to improve on my previous time. I’ve never run a 10K…so I should probably try that and see what happens.

Super Long-Term Goal: Run a marathon next fall.
  • If I accomplish all the above goals, I might try for this one...maybe...

Do you set goals? Any tips for me? 

(I typed my name into Google and image searched -- clearly I have too much spare time -- on the first page is the above picture of me from sophomore year of high school! Crazy right??? The interwebs know all.)


  1. So great to see you back out running and glad you'll be at JAW!!

    Just an out loud thought on Goal #2, maybe being more confident that anytime you feel not right or a workout is rough, you can substitute doing it in the pool and be confident the result will be the same. I think sometimes our mind thinks things more than our bodies! At least that's something that has kept me for the most part injury free, or at least nothing that's taken me out of the game for longer than 2 weeks.

    Here's to injury free years filled with PR's and new things!!!

  2. I saw you yesterday morning and I meant to more formally introduce myself, but we were too busy running!!! Anyway, those sound like good goals. I really hope you stay injury free!

  3. Yay for Mollie being back!

    When I was coming back this spring, I made my overall goal "don't get injured", and I was glad I did. Made it _slightly_ easy to make some hard decisions.


  4. Thanks guys! Great recommendations...I look forward to working out with you all more! :)