Friday, March 16, 2012

Eat Run Read on Pinterest

Everyone is talking about Pinterest – it’s 2012 and our attention spans have never been shorter! Give us appealing formatted visuals and as few words as possible! We need simple and user-friendly way to sort and store our recipes, reading lists, and of course those super-cute new dresses for spring! 

All snarkiness aside, I actually really like Pinterest and think it’s incredibly useful. Instead of having a million bookmarked pages on your browser, or trying to remember where you saw xyz, you can just "pin" things then access them from anywhere.

So a couple weeks ago I created boards for all my recipe categories (Cakes, Cookies and Bars, etc.) to serve you as a visual recipe index. I also did a “Food I Want” board, so if you saw something on my sidebar but I switched it out before you bookmarked the recipe, it’ll be on that board forever. Or at least until the next internet trend takes over…

If you’re on Pinterest, follow my boards!