Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Trampoline Workouts for Runners -- JumpSport Fitness Trampoline Review

The coolest kid in the neighborhood always had a trampoline. I was never that kid…UNTIL NOW!

That’s right – there’s a JumpSport Fitness Trampoline in my living room. I use it for core, stability, and cardio workouts to supplement my running. And it’s fun!

JumpSport sent me a Model 370 Fitness Trampoline for review (my opinions are my own) and I’ve been working it into my training over the past couple months. When you’re young, jumping up and down and up and down for hours is literally the best thing ever. And actually, as an adult it’s pretty great too. The only difference is that now I change into running clothes and call it a “workout,” the trampoline is inside and a lot quieter, and my sister is not trying to bounce me off.

Sorry for the blurriness -- this is a screengrab. 

Why this trampoline is awesome (Logistics):

  • It’s completely quiet – I can watch TV while doing my workout. And if I had downstairs neighbors, I don’t think they’d be bothered at all. 
  • It’s super-stable – I feel completely safe jumping on the trampoline. You aren’t supposed to jump super-high (for a better workout you want to jump down into the trampoline), so a normal-height ceiling would work fine. 
  • It’s light and portable – I can lean it against the wall, or move it elsewhere in the house by myself. 
  • You’re off the floor – Ok this one is from my mama – you can do abs lying on the trampoline, which means you don’t need a mat and won’t be down on the floor with your dog.

Why this trampoline is awesome (Workouts!):

  • Jumping is a great cardio workout –you can get your heart rate up pretty quickly, and 20-30 minutes of jumping is enough to make you feel like you did something.
  • No impact – runners prone to impact-related injuries (stress fractures, shin splints, etc.) can supplement their training with trampoline workouts to prevent problems. 
  • It’s more than just cardio – I most often use the trampoline for core and stability work. 
The trampoline comes with an intro Basic Workout DVD, and JumpSport also sent me the Video 3-Pack: BODY Bounce Circuit, Cardio Core Express, and Bounce Camp.

I started with the DVDs to get an idea of the workout possibilities, and then in typical Mollie fashion, pulled my favorite exercises from each and made up my own runner-specific workouts.  (Disclaimer: I’m just a runner, not an athletic trainer or doctor.)

Trampoline Circuit Workout for Runners

I made up a circuit workout, alternating cardio, core, and upper body. I do this for anywhere from 20-45 minutes, depending on my mood. If I’ve already run, I skip the cardio parts and focus on core and stability; however, recently I’m having a bit of a hamstring strain issue, which means my entire workout is on the trampoline. (I made a video for JumpSport of this circuit. Don’t judge me/I’m not an actress/I’m so sorry.)

  • Basic jump  (x50)
    • Leg lifts lying on the trampoline (x10)
    • Push-ups (x10)
  • In and out jumps( x50)
    • Twisting jumps for core (x50)
    • Dips (x10)
  • High knees (x100)
    • Alternating leg lifts lying on the trampoline (x10)
    • Plank (count to 100)

Trampoline Core and Stability Workout for Runners

I mostly use the trampoline for stability and core exercises. Just standing on one foot on the trampoline works  all the muscles in your legs (especially around your knees), back, and abs. Balancing, dips, and leg-lifts on the trampoline are especially good for runners with muscle imbalances, knee problems (“runner’s knee”), and/or IT band issues.

This video (again, so sorry) shows some examples of the stability and core work you can do on the trampoline.

  • Basic Jump
  • Twisting jumps for core
  • One-footed jump
  • Balance on one foot
  • Extended leg (in front) dips on one foot
  • Extended leg (to the side) dips on one foot
  • Extended leg (to the side) dips on one foot with leg extension
  • Lying on the trampoline leg lifts (two legs together and alternating legs)
  • Plank
  • Push-ups

JumpSport trampolines are unique in that the trampoline beds (i.e. the part you jump on) are designed to minimize impact, so they put less stress on your knees and back, and the bands/chords absorb the shock so you get a better “return bounce.”

So there you have it. Trampoline workouts for runners. Who knew???