Monday, December 3, 2012

Weekend Report: It's beginning to look a lot like...

On Saturday morning, SpeedyKate and I headed down to a local elementary school to pick out our Christmas tree.

In my family, the infamous tree mission can take days, multiple farms/parking lots/stores, and a lot of strong opinions on all sides. Too fat or too thin? Not enough branches or too many branches? Straight or crooked? Tall or short? Do you love it??? SpeedyKate and I, however, settled on literally the first tree we picked up. This one is big and fat. Yup I like it! Done and done.

A few hours later, a couple of dads delivered it to our door (best PTA fundraiser ever!), and our very small apartment that usually smells like two girls, baked something-or-other, and a hint of running clothes (sorry, tmi?), was transformed into an evergreen forest in the middle of winter. Fabulous.

Later that evening, we cranked up the Christmas music, poured a couple glasses of eggnog, pulled out SpeedyKate’s decorations, and worked some magic.  So far, three doors on my advent calendar are open, and I’m getting excited!

Our tasteful yet Christmas-y mantle. Clearly Kate was in charge here. 

And even if you’re not excited about Christmas, you can get excited about winter. On Sunday night I met up with some skier friends to see Warren Miller’s newest ski movie. Going to see a “ski movie” is a thing that most skiers understand, but for the rest of the world, let  me explain: It’s a movie made by skiers about skiers (and some boarders) to get you totally excited about the mountains and snow and the wonderful sport of skiing. Warren Miller Entertainment has released one film a year since 1949, so Flow State is #63.

The movie “brings audiences to a place only recently identified by scientists; a place they now understand skiers and snowboarders achieve where, the faster they go physically, the slower things appear to them mentally. This a place of such singular focus and connection with their environment, they can achieve things previously thought impossible.

Flow State takes you from Utah to Alaska to Japan to Tahoe to the Arctic. Guys, I seriously almost died of I-want-all-of-that-right-NOW. One of the resorts featured was my home mountain of Northstar (the one with the crazy-good 12-year-old), and I actually know one of the featured skiers!  I may or may not quit my life and become a ski bum…don’t tell my mama.  More likely I will just plan a preliminary ski trip this January.

Hope you had a good weekend too!