Monday, December 17, 2012

Weekend Report: Bon Voyage Abby and Natalie!!!

Alright guys. I’ve kind of sort of alluded to this, but things are about to get real: 6x6 and LLC (two of my very best friends) are leaving. 6x6 is moving to Cape Town, South Africa, and LLC is going to Hawaii. Not forever, but for a while (2 and 5 years, respectively), and I’m going to miss them!!!

When to they leave? Soon. So soon. TOO soon! This was out last weekend together in DC, and so I did what a good friend does – threw them an epic going away party on Saturday night.

The food preparations were thorough and included most of our favorite things, including but not limited to: Chinese dumplings, chips and salsa, cheese (so much cheese), and a huge chocolate cake with more espresso buttercream than you thought possible. The festivities started at 7, and by 8 my little apartment was quite full of all the people I know and like, because who can miss a Bon Voyage party for 6x6 and LLC?!?!

And actually, while we’re having this talk, newer readers may not know the root of these two lovely ladies' blog names.

6x6 and I met literally the day I arrived in DC. She was moving out of my house as I moved in and we exchanged emails since we have common professional interests and I was looking for a job. About a  month later she invited me to her birthday dinner and we started chatting about running and how she wanted to become a “real runner.” And that, my friends, is how the 6x6 (6 days a week for 6 weeks) introductory running guest blog series (and her blog persona) was born! (Here's her first post. And her first race.)

6x6 and I in Florida, rocking our muumuus.
While it was pure chance that I met 6x6, LLC and I have known of each other our entire lives. LLC is an acronym for Long Lost Cousin. Why? Because we are, in fact, first cousins! Out mamas are sisters and we have the same grandma, but because of mostly geographical reasons, we’d never met until I moved to DC (where she was in school) in 2009. The first time we met, we went and walked around Eastern Market. I talked to my sisters afterwards – so guess what? Our cousin is awesome! Then the next weekend I went to run the race in Alexandria that started this blog and she came along to hang out with me afterwards. So of course LLC has always been kinda sorta peripherally in my life, but who knew we’d become such good friends!?

Ok enough reminiscing. I will be profoundly sad when I return from California after Christmas and they are not here, but that day is not today.

I asked guests to send me notes and pictures for a Natalie and Abby Wall of Awesome. 

The party was the main event of the weekend, but I also did some things on Sunday. And by some, I mean brunch, and going to see The Hobbit. My LOTR love means that I am preconditioned to love The Hobbit as well, but objectively/realistically the reviews are true – it is not very good, too long, and sometimes boring. So there you have it. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t see it. And the music alone might make it worth it!

The world will end – i.e. I will leave and never (!) see 6x6 or LLC again – (no that’s pure lies and over-dramatic but I won’t see them for a while) on Thursday morning. Until then, we are packing in as much fun as possible!