Friday, January 25, 2013

Best of the Week #90

It’s a bittersweet Friday. Today is my boss/friend’s last day at work, and though I’m excited for her, I’m also SO SAD to see her go!

Guys, I think I may have missed my calling as a professional cake writer?

As any baker would, I expressed my emotions via pastry. I baked her (and the rest of the staff, should she choose to share) red velvet brownies with cream cheese frosting!

They'll look like this on the inside...IS IT STAFF MEETING TIME YET???

In other news, this song has been in my head all week – I saw the band, Ra Ra Riot, at the 9:30 Club on Wednesday night and they were really good!

Now for some Best of the Week links:

Hair Jump at Mammoth Mountain. I’ve raced downhill down this pitch and over this jump…fun times! Who wants to ski race???

Let’s talk a bit about running/motivation/group activities. Wise words from Victoria via Aka Darkwave:
  • "one person vocalizing their unhappiness can quickly bring the entire group spiraling down into a mess of negativity."  And that negativity then becomes an obstacle that the athlete has to overcome.  Why make competition tougher on yourself, and put yourself at a disadvantage?  Whining isn't bad because it's annoying (though it is annoying), it's bad because it blocks you from your best performances.
More on running, also from Aka Darkwave (great post!):
  • It's simple. Running is what we do. It's not a big deal to run before dawn. Or after dark. Or on the treadmill. Or when the thermometers show numbers different what what you usually see. It's still just running. Something that you choose to do because it fulfills you.

And I have a confession: I might be a special kind of idiot...we'll see...

Headline of the week: “Norway goat cheese fire closes tunnel.” (BBC)

From The Daily Typo: It’s particularly embarrassing when it happens in a movie trailer.

“When life loses it’s [sic] magic”
Trailer for The Brass Teapot
January 17, 2013

Bluegrass+rap = “Garnstagrass”? I like both these things…not sure that I like them mixed together…Actually I'm pretty sure this is terrible, but I'm sharing it with you anyways!

This girl rocks my socks. Someday when I have an ungodly amount of time I will learn a sweet skill like this...

"50 Life Hacks to Simplify Your World" – some of these are so useful! (Ok so I’m a sucker for anything done “like a boss.")

20. Separate egg yolks like a boss
40. Ninja Fold 

I ran in the snow yesterday and thought about this as I made decidedly un-artistic footprints: "Snow Art."

  • Artist Simon Beck creates amazing pieces of snow art by walking in the snow wearing raquettes (snowshoes). Each artwork is typically the size of three soccer fields and takes 2 days to complete. The Oxford-educated self-employed map maker typically walks for about 5 to 9 hours or until he gets too tired, using a headlamp if it gets dark first.

Thank you Tumblr: "The Kanye West Wing." (Kanye West lyrics, over images from The West Wing of course...the interwebs have too much time...)

I'm pretty psyched it's almost weekend time! My plans include a Wizards game, this place, a long run, this brunch, and a pasta making class! Seeya on Monday!