Wednesday, January 30, 2013

So I'm Running a Marathon

Ok, I have a confession. I’m a little hesitant to share this with the interwebs…but here we go.

I’m running a marathon!

I have never done one before. The longest distance I’ve raced is 10 miles. And the longest distance I’ve run is 18 miles (once, for funsies, with my mama).

I know, I know, given my injury history it’s probably a terrible idea but I’m doing it anyways. If this goes horrendously wrong you can tell me I told you so a million times while I cry in the corner. (No actually please don’t do that, send me consolation cookies instead.)

Here’s how this came about:

In the fall I was feeling pretty great, winning races, and running high (-ish for me) mileage. In mid-November my running friend said, Hey, let’s do the Rock ‘n’ Roll DC Marathon! And being my say-yes-to-everything self, I immediately said, OK I’m in!

I discussed the idea with my running-coach dad (YES! This is so exciting! You’ll be great!), and Coach George (Mollie this is the worst idea ever and I strongly encourage you not to do this. I'll help you, but I want a signed and notarized waiver form stating that I warned you how dangerous this would be).

At the end of the day, I do what I want, so with outside opinions duly noted, I decided that I still wanted to try it. I have no doubt that I can run 26.2 miles; I’m more concerned with the speed at which I do it and the training leading up to it. (Competitive much? Yes.)

As of the week before Thanksgiving, I had a plan, I had a goal, and was super-psyched. And then three days later, before I even started “training,” a little problem that became a bigger problem hit (same old same old) and I was out for all of December. Womp womp.

It was not looking good for a while there. At home over Christmas I did yoga every day. And early this month there was a lot of pooling, combined with some deep dark I’m-never-going-to-run-again days.

But as of a couple weeks ago, I’m running again, feeling pretty good, and if all continues to go well, I think I’ll be fine! I’m putting myself on a low-mileage plan – i.e. my normal mileage, plus some extra pool time, plus long runs (because I’m pretty sure that me + 80-mile weeks = express trail to injurytown).

I’m not doing track workouts (sigh), just long runs and strides and tempo runs and maybe a few hills thrown in there for good measure. I’m going to take days off, and do doubles (run+pool) on occasion.

Also, I'm going to remember all the hard lessons I've learned:

So my friends, there you have it. Wish me luck, we’ll see how this goes!


  1. YESS! I knew it! I'm excited to hear more about your training (and race!). BE CAREFUL (as if you need to hear that from anyone else... sorry).

  2. First - Congratulations; it is an amazing feeling to finish a marathon. That being said - here comes the hard part & I know you don't want to hear this - but you will REALLY enjoy the entire process a lot more if you just let yourself relax and train carefully. Less can be more! Forget the speed part ( you are NOT going to win this one- :-) ). DC is an incredible place to run a marathon; enjoy the day and your friends along the route and be happy to cross the finish line. Then you can train to run the second one faster!

  3. Sweet!!!
    It won't always be *fun* but the experience will definitely be REWARDING.

    I look forward to reading about your training.

  4. That's awesome! I think you will love the experience.

  5. Wow, This is your year to be BRAVE! It took me 12 years to decide to run a marathon and I recall really, really enjoying the training for it.

    I think you're training for it super smart (ie. keeping a good part of your mileage in the pool. That's how I ran my 2nd fastest marathon, which I still think would have been my fastest if it wasn't 78* and humid!).

    I do absolutely love your dad and George's opposite responses to your question!! It seems like you are being realistic based on December issues, and you never know what the marathon will bring.

    Good Luck and here is to INJURY FREE training and races!

  6. Thanks all! I promise I'm being smart and not taking myself too seriously. I wasn't going to blog about it at all, and seriously considered waiting until after the fact to say "oh btw I ran a marathon..." but this IS a semi-running blog so I felt like I should get it out there sooner rather than later. Like I said, we'll see how this goes! :)

  7. Good luck! I love me some (really slow) marathoning. You'll be great.