Monday, January 14, 2013

Weekend Report: Operation WILD, Winter Edition (Skiing in West Virginia)

I just got back from skiing at Snowshoe Mountain in West Virginia and it was awesome!

Way back in August, SpeedyKate and I ventured into the wilds of West Virginia to go camping. Camping was fun, but I’m willing to say that our second trip to that great state was even better! We turned our roommate duo into a skiing trio by adding one of my co-workers (who will be henceforth referred to as SudanJenn). The three of us cover the country in our skiing experience – SpeedyKate is from Colorado,  SudanJenn is a New Englander, and I cover the West Coast, of course. None of us really knew what to expect of West Virginia, but considering that the weather forecast was 55 degrees (i.e. melty), our expectations were low and thus we were soooo pleasantly surprised!

We drove out on Friday night, winding back and forth and up and down on small roads through dense fog. Our hotel was family-owned and adorable – check-in was a note with my name on it on the door, telling us our room number and that we should stop by the office in the morning. We chose this place because our friend recommended it and because it had breakfast in the morning. SUCH a good breakfast! Eggs and French toast pre-skiing? Yes please. It was also, according to one of SudanJenn's chairlift friends, the best restaurant in the area. I believe it – dinner on Saturday was delicious!

We were skiing at Snowshoe, the biggest resort in near(ish) DC. It is completely disconcerting because the lodge, hotels, etc. are at the top of the mountain, then you ski down…it’s as if you just told me that south was north and north was south – I cannot wrap my brain around the concept. Pretty early on Day 1 we discovered the "Western Territory" that had two long and excellent runs. You had to walk across a street to get to it (weird), but done and done, we alternated those for the rest of the day.

The temperature was in the mid-50s on the hill, which is great comfort-wise, and means spring-skiing-style snow, but is less than ideal for said snow’s longevity. By Day 2 only one of the Western Territory runs was open because the white stuff stopped connecting all the way down on the other one. I didn’t mind  –  the funny thing about skiing is that I am completely happy doing the same thing again and again and again and again. A good run is a good run and I do not get bored.

We saw a lot of deer under the chairlift...
not a lot of snow. 

We further amused ourselves with making a little ski movie. I’m going to edit it and post here…get excited!

Saturday was not crowded, but there were definitely people around (and a lot of drunk people! I’m pretty sure heavy drinking and skiing/snowboarding should be kept at least slightly separate…). Sunday though was empty. By 2 pm we were some of the only people on the runs! We left Snowshoe at 3 to start the 4.5-hour drive back to DC, and stopped in the old sawmill town of Cass to see what was to be seen, which was fascinating. Doesn’t it look post-apocalyptic? Welcome to West Virginia.

It was a great weekend and I’m so glad we went! If these temperatures continue, that may have been our last chance at skiing locally this year…think SNOW!!!