Thursday, May 15, 2014

Post-Finals FUNemployment

Well well well, I'm happy to report that post-finals funemployment is treating me gloriously. I wake up every morning to no class to go to, no required reading, no meetings to attend, no problems sets to agonize over. I wouldn't want to be funemployed always (at that point it would just be unemployed), but for a brief concrete period of time I am so in. Also, many of my friends are sticking around for a bit post-finals, so I have all my favorite people to hang out with!

What exactly have I been up to, you might wonder? Biking, rock climbing, reading, playing catch, friends-time, dancing, playing softball, and snacking.
Walden Pond from my bike ride on Sunday.

Let me tell you about my week -- feel free to live vicariously.

I started Monday early with a 22-mile bike ride to Bedford and back on the Minuteman Trail. Then in the afternoon I met a friend in Harvard Square for frozen yogurt followed by frisbee in the park. I am happy to report that I can now throw a frisbee both backhand and forehand, and about 4/5 times it goes where I want it to! Then finally, most of Fletcher convened in a backyard in Cambridge for a rather epic summer evening barbecue. I want summer nights for all the time always!

Tuesday was nowhere near as warm, but just as active. We had yet another barbecue (this time at school), followed by a solid game of catch, followed by a first- v. second-years softball game. The bad news is that my experience with softball is incredibly minimal. The good news is that a) my dad taught me how to throw and catch as a kid, and b) I recently watched A League of Their Own. So basically I was all set.

In a spate of spring cleaning last week, RoommateRachel and realized that we'd acquired five containers of real maple syrup over a year of pancake parties. There is only one solution to this "problem:" another pancake party! So I had people over on Wednesday morning to eat allll the pancakes -- inputs included bananas, blueberries, walnuts, and chocolate chips. Yummmm.

Then yesterday afternoon I was ready for yet another bike ride -- this time to the Arboretum via Marky Mark (BUXC you know what's up!). It was bright green grassy, pink tree blossom-y, and fields of yellow tulip-y. Lovely.

So basically, my week has been awesome. The plan for today is to go rock climbing, then eat southern food, then dance the night away at the final Los Flecheros concert.