Thursday, May 29, 2014

Road Trip: Raleigh/Durham and Nashville

As I said yesterday, the first stop on this southern adventure was Raleigh/Durham. We flew in Monday midday, and from there our most gracious host and her adorable human showed us around Durham. He (now we're talking about the human) took us to a quarry for a relaxing afternoon of swimming and riverside lounging.

Then we got on our way early the next morning for our first looong drive to Nashville, with a stop in Knoxville for our first barbecue experience.

If you're ever in the Knoxville area -- Sweet P's BBQ. This was the best brisket we tried the whole trip!

Pulled Pork and Greens yummmmm!

Then on to Nashville to visit my college friend Chris! Being the huge country music fan that I am, this was clearly an important stop on our trip. On our way into the city we stopped at Cummins Falls, the 8th largest waterfall in Tennessee. As you may recall from my Thailand experience, I looooove waterfalls.

Finally the seven of us rolled up to Nashville in our minivan, a bit dazed from the long ride but ready for some fun. Chris took us out Broadway, the city's main going out street. Neon lights, country music -- both old and new -- coming from every open door and window, and people everywhere!

We started at a more pop-country cover band that played us Save a Horse Ride a Cowboy upon Gustavo's request (funny story about how one time not too long ago he and I and six cowboy backup dancers performed that song in front of all of Fletcher...). Next stop was a more old school country bar. As per always, our enthusiastic group of seven brought the dance party and had a great time until way too late o'clock.

Next morning we started with a run around Centennial Park (running!!!!! Just two miles for me -- gotta start back slowly slowly), followed by arepas because always arepas. Then we drove downtown to walk around along the Cumberland River and see what there was to be seen.

In the afternoon we toured the Grand Ole Opry. I was into it because, again, I love and have always loved country music. And I think everyone liked standing on the stage and seeing the dressing rooms.

After a few beers at Yazoo Brewing Company, that evening we went back to Broadway to yet again sing and dance the night away -- different bars, different bands, but same fun country southern vibe. Nashvegas I am a fan!!!

Next stop: New Orleans!