Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Road Trip!!!

School has ended and internships have not yet started, which means that my friends and I are 100% focused on all fun times all the time! And what better way to intensely bond and get our fill of one another (as if that's even possible), than a 8-day road trip!?

The route: Raleigh/Durham, NC  ➨  Knoxville, TN  ➨  Nashville, TN  ➨  Birmingham, AL  ➨  New Orleans, LA    Jackson, MS    Memphis, TN    Kansas City, KS.

Seven people, one minivan, eight days, 1,904 miles, 4 amazing barbecue experiences, and too many live bands to count.

The cast: We make quite the eclectic crew.

From left to right in this picture (in front of one of Elvis's cars in Graceland) we have:

  • Peter, the trip planner extraordinaire, hailing from Kansas City;
  • Tim, who wins at everything (except a certain race up a certain very steep set of stone steps...we'll get to that story later), from upstate New York;
  • Julie -- aka JK -- our DJ extraordinaire from LA;
  • Gustavo, from Caracas, Venezuela, who is quite literally the nicest human being in the world;
  • Rose, the only person who might rival Gus for the Nicest Human Being title, all the way from New Zealand (via Hawaii), who is pretty much just awesome as
  • Katherine, coming from Germany, who is sadly sadly tragically done with school and not coming back to Boston in the fall;
  • And me of course! You all know all my things already. 

We rented a minivan (aka Big Blue Moon), and stayed with friends all along the way. We ate so much barbecue and saw amazing live music almost everywhere we went.

Stay tuned for a series of blog posts on our Southern sojourn. It was excellent!