Sunday, July 4, 2010

The Weekend Report: Happy 4th of July!

Happy 4th of July! I started this weekend pretty bummed, just because my family is in Tahoe doing our usual 4th of July thing, and I'm in DC, totally forgotten. (Ok, that may sound a teeny tiny bit over-dramatic, but really, I quote: "Oh yeah Moll, you should have're so far away, we just forget that you're our kid...didn't even think of it. Sorry honey!" Is this my bitter face? YES. But it's ok because I'm going home for Labor Day!)Anywho, so like I said I wasn't totally stoked about the weekend, but it ended up being really fun!

Saturday evening I went to a fabulous dinner with 6x6 and her parents at Sea Catch on the Canal in Georgetown. It was quite the fancy and delicious. I mean, can you go wrong with scallops and risotto? No, I really don't think you can. And then we hit up Baked and Wired, the
best bakery in DC. I got a Texas Chocolate Cupcake, which is (to from their website)
Texas Sheetcake
Chocolate cake with a hint of cinnamon. While the cake is still warm we slather
it with chocolate-pecan frosting that oozes into the cake to make a praline-like


On Sunday I got up at early'o'clock (i.e. 7:45am), and ran to meet my track team at Fletcher's Boat House on the Potomac to go kayaking. Fun! Kayak rentals are $10 per hour, which is just about exactly the right amount of time for our distance running arms. I always forget how beautiful DC can be! Just 3 miles outside of Georgetown and it's gorgeous. Being the annoying person I am, I was sure to get Just Around the River Bend stuck in everyone's heads (and now yours - you're welcome)!
In the evening we grilled on the roof (Photoman manned the grill - let me tell you, the guy has more skills than just taking pictures my friends!). A little after 8 we migrated down to the Mall to see the fireworks. It was spectacular! They were so sparkley! The past two summers I've seen the fireworks from a distance (the far end of the mall and a rooftop), and thus was less than impressed. But when you're on the Washington Monument lawn, overlooking the Lincoln Memorial listening to the Navy Band playing in the background with a bajillion other people and the fireworks are exploding right above your head - oh man, that's pretty epically awesome. Happy Birthday America!