Friday, November 19, 2010

Best of the Week #2

Phew! I went from slow-and-nothing-to-do to crazy-face-busy this week! So this will be short and sweet – here’s the second installment of Best of the Week!

So let's start off our weekends right with the most adorable picture ever. This dog looks just like my dog Amy! (But this corgi is probably more obedient.) You're welcome.

I’ve been listening to Damien Rice. Have you heard Dogs? Or Volcano? I adore those songs!

On the more academic side, this article from The Atlantic is long but interesting: Lies, Damned Lies, and Medical Science. It’s about statistics in medical testing and how and why doctors are tempted to skew results to the extreme. “Simply put, if you’re attracted to ideas that have a good chance of being wrong, and if you’re motivated to prove them right, and if you have a little wiggle room in how you assemble the evidence, you’ll probably succeed in proving wrong theories right.”

This week I ate out twice (visitors=yummm!). BGR never disappoints, their turkey burger with blue cheese was glorious, and their sweet potato fries and asparagus spears are always a win. On the classier side, GrillFish was delicious. I got the special – a coconut crusted salmon with red curry sauce over bok choy. The sauce was pretty non-existent, but the salmon was delish! And desserts – oh man.

Their mango key lime pie is pretty much to die for, as is the brulee’d cheesecake.

Want to see a funny version of US history? It’s a rap.

I also spent some time on Stuff White People Like. I am such a cliché white person – running, farmer’s markets, yoga, I employ unpaid interns...gah!

Sister1 sent me this link about wedding desserts - let's hope she pulls together a table this fantastic for her own event!

And most popular on Eat Run Read this week was a throwback! From last December: Guest Bloggers - or lack thereof - and Weekend Holiday Events! I suspect it's popularity has something to do with this picture:

Again, you're welcome.
Have a great weekend!