Friday, November 12, 2010

Best of the Week

Every week I spend 40+ hours in front of a computer. That much screen time means I read many many many things. Emails, GChat, RSS – so much information across my screen and in and out of my brain. My Google Reader is out of control – I follow 10 news sources and 93 blogs, everything from Catalog Living to Shut Up and Run to AidWach to Brown Eyed Baker!

Most of what I see is forgettable, but some things are awesome! Therefore I’m starting a new blog feature – Best of the Week. (Let me know what you think, this could become an every-Friday thing.)

This week I laughed out loud reading the Short Imagined Monologue: I’m Comic Sans, Asshole on McSweeny’s. “Guess the f- what, Picasso…like daffodils in motherf-ing spring.” (Ok, it’s a little crude, but hilarious!)

And another McSweeny’s piece – can you guess which one is a U.S. Senator or Hobbit?

On a more serious note, I learned a bit about Pakistan from Michael O’Hanlon, “Nine years into the campaign, we still can't clearly answer the question of whether Pakistan is with us or against us. America needs bold new policy measures to help Islamabad -- in all its many dimensions and factions -- make up its mind.”

Looks like Christopher Niemann may love coffee even more than I do, as he expresses in a series of pictures on his NYT blog, Abstract City. “I like coffee so much that I have tea for breakfast: The first cup of the day in particular is so good that I’m afraid I won’t be able to properly appreciate it when I am half-asleep. Therefore, I celebrate it two hours later when I am fully conscious.”

This list of untranslatable words, because though we have many words in English, some languages express things better! (i.e. Tartle. Scottish – The act of hestitating while introducing someone because you’ve forgotten their name.)

In New Zealand an earthquake turned train tracks into spaghetti – pretty crazy, pretty awesome!

Looks like Obama dances like the half-white man he is...(watch the last 30 seconds of this video).

And from the Rally to Restore Sanity, Zac says "The Rally to Restore Sanity served as a celebration of blue state values; namely, respect for Science and Objective Reality, skepticism of Dogma and Ideology, and faith in mankind’s ability to evaluate arguments with the power of Reason."

And finally, the most popular post on Eat Run Read this week was Cake of the Week: Oreo Cake.